Blurts of memories: Stinky

My dad had eye surgery last year. Doctor told him to make sure his operated eye would get wet. Which meant; no water. Which my dad translated into; No bathing or showering.

It was a week since the operation when we had to go to the hospital with my dad for a check-up on the eye. He wasn’t smelling that pleasantly. Me and my stepmom were making jokes about it, but my dad felt quite insulted. My stepmom decided to turn on the radio for some distraction.

This Dutch song played and the singer sang, loosely translated:

“Honey, you stink.
But that doesn’t mean
that I don’t love you.
But it doesn’t mean
that I like it that you stink.
We have to do something,
we have to do something.”

Needles to say we laughed a lot during that song. My dad was still insulted though.

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