October already?

giphy1As a child I remember how long the days felt. A year felt like a century. A month felt like a decade. An hour took forever and ever. Time went by slow. That’s what it felt like at the time. In that time, time felt like a magical journey with the power of imagination and without having to take illegal substances. Time was taking its time like a neverending story.

But before you know it, you’re attempting to adult. Maybe you’ve grown a few gray hairs already. Maybe you hide it. The magic of time is starting to feel like a curse. Things aren’t going by slow. Nope. Everything goes by in a rush.

giphy2It feels like only yesterday when I moved to a new house. But it’s been a year. It feels like only a second ago did I dream of neverending stories. Time isn’t taking its time anymore. Time is moving on, faster than before.

The supposedly summer days have made place for supposedly autumn days. And you cannot help but wonder what happened to the other month?

Wasn’t it just March a blink of an eye ago? You blink your eyes again and poof, it’s October. I must’ve gone through the last few months with blindfolds on.

Time doesn’t have a relaxed pace anymore. Before you know it we’ve set foot in a new year. But not before we’ve enjoyed Halloweenies, Blackface Sinterklaas and the holy joly feel of Christmas cheers.

October, already? Seriously?

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