Blurts of memories: Anti Squatting

Years and years ago, I was living in an  “Anti Squatting” project and was renting the basement of a military building at this old abandoned Military Base [ true story]. [Squatting before 2010 was quite an interesting way of living in my country1].

It happened on the day after I signed my contract, on a nice summer day. After surviving my first night in the basement of a military building at the abandoned Military Base, which was quite an adventure on its own, I decided to take my bike out for a ride, to explore the abandoned Military Base.

The weather was nice. The area was quite intriguing. It was quite an inspirational place to be at. It felt strange yet somewhat an honor to be able to live here at these grounds that must have thousands of untold stories to share.

That’s when I saw a bunch of military vans rushing in, parking quickly and Military cops marched out while grunting loudly. Lets just say I was going through a strange fase in life, and thus a lil scared I turned around on my bike and rushed back to my basement….

It turned out they were just practicing.

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