Tumbled down the stairs

1041310-368-k157861Hiya lurkers,

Sometimes, wishful thinking for miracles to happen are granted to come true. Especially when you’re wishfully thinking of something disastrous to occur.

Well now…

This morning, as my alarm clock blared me awake like it has done so every Godawful morning thus far, I was thinking of excuses to use to not have to go to work. After struggling with the will to stay in bed for a while, I managed to get up and made an attempt to go downstairs.

That’s when I actually tumbled down the stairs. Now I’ve hurt my elbow, my leg and my back was already sore with the bonus that now it feels disturbingly painful.

My wish is granted. Wow! I guess I have a good excuse now.

Better go check what the doctor has to say about it. With a bit of luck, he says I can just swallow an aspirin and go back to work tomorrow! Yay! God bless the overpriced medical care that don’t give decent care! It’s like buying an empty roll of toilet paper.

Have yourself a nice tumble. God speed my creeping lurkers.

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