Calling the doctor

So. This morning I tumbled down the stairs. I nagged about this event in a previous blog post. And after nagging in here, I felt a bit woozy and decided to lay down. But the wooziness didn’t go away and so I figured I had to call the doctor.

The assistant answered. I told her I fell down the stairs and felt woozy and that I hurt my arm. She asked me if I remember how many steps I had missed when I fell. I said I felt woozy and wasn’t able to remember. She asked if I fell on my head and laughed. I told her I really don’t feel that well. And then she said “Well alright then, you can come see the doctor at 4.10 PM. Like, that’s 4 hours from now. She hung up before I could ask anything else. I hate calling the doctor….

I tried googling what could cause the wooziness. Whether it’s normal to feel woozy like this. But google tends to come up with the scariest diagnoses; Fractured this, broken that, mild to severe concussions… I’m sure it’s none of that.

Maybe I should just sit it out some more. Maybe sleep it off and cancel that appointment with the doc. Perhaps if I feel like this tomorrow I will make a new attempt to try and schedule an appointment.

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