Help, my hair is frizzy Barbie Blonde!

The dying hair adventure                       

article-2509259-197b77f500000578-888_634x446I dye my hair quite often. As a teenager I enjoyed experimenting with vibrant hair-colors; green, purple, red, pink. Back then, people straight away assumed that because I wore baggy Fubu pants and bright colored hair that I must be a punk.

Back then it was the 90’s, early 2000. If you admitted to like more music genres than one, people thought that was weird. Because why in the world can someone enjoy Backstreet Boys, Kurt Cobain AND 2pac at the same time? Kind of like saying you aren’t just white or just black or just Asian; It confuses people. Because being a mixed race, how the heck is that even humanly possible?

Anyways… Drifting off here. Let me get back onto that off the beaten path lengthy tale about hair dye and such. [If you’re new here and are looking for a way to fix your bleached hair that used to be curly, scroll all the way down. Or go nuts and just read everything.]

When I outgrew my teenaged phase in my mid-twenties, I decided to dye my hair more natural colors. Blonde, red, brown and anything in between. Then last year, after nearly 10 years of having all sorts of colors in my hair, I went back to black. I wanted to go natural with my thick black curly hair again. Well, not jet black. More a dark dark brown, that almost looks black.

It was easier to deal with outgrown roots, they didn’t even look too obvious. But I still had to dye it ever month, because I am graced with gray hairs here and there that seem to become more and more by the year. I blame it on my dad’s genes. He used to be a blond, just like most of the Dutch part of the family and he became completely gray when he was my age.

Going Barbie blonde                       

e2a2cec3cd7125bf72bc269ae1cf1992But yesterday after returning home from  a dreadful day at the hotel I work at, I somehow felt like going blonde again.

Off to the store I went and got myself a decoloring product from Garnier. Like the picture on the right, the product promised to make my hair 100% blond, regardless of the fact that my original hair is black. It seemed a more safe product to use than the usual products I go for when bleaching my hair: peroxide creme and bleach powder.

And thus I put on my rubber gloves, went to mix the ingredients from the box in a bowl and started applying the decoloring product onto my hair, strand by strand… Once all my curly hair was covered, I sat back for 30 minutes.

wall-decal-zebra-orangeWhen I wanted to rinse my hair and took a look in the mirror, I noticed that the roots and ends of my hair were medium blond, yet the rest of my hair was red! That’s not the look I had in mind when I started this project. I looked like a friggin’ orange zebra!

When I was a teenager I would’ve gladly gone clubbing with that hairdo. But no way was I going outside this way now.

For a short second I had a bit of a panic attack right there. I had birthday parties to attend to, was I going to have to cancel them all? My grandmother only turns 94 once in her lifetime! Heck no am I going to miss that! Heck no was I going to shock my dementing grandmother with my orange zebra hairdo, though! Heck no!

What was a girl to do? First, I washed out the Garnier product, massaged my scalp with some argan oil creme, rinsed it with some hair conditioner for damaged hair and dried it with a blow dryer. Then before I knew it, I was mixing peroxide creme with 9% bleach powder in a bowl. That orange shade had to go and so  I started slapping the hardcore stuff into those strands of the hair.

p1130823Another 25 minutes later, the orange hair had become blonde with a hint of orange. Again I washed the product out with some cold water and an anti-yellow shampoo from Schwarzkopf. This shampoo is actually a product for people with gray hair, But who gives a rat’s anus? It does take the yellowness out of bleached hair too. I have some gray hairs. I left this product in for about 15 minutes before washing it out.

After that, I massaged my scalp with argan oil creme, rinsed it and blow dried it. I love argan oil from Creme of Nature. They have all sorts of argan oil related products and it is very good for the skin and hair. Especially for those with thick black curly hair by origin, it is a great product.


eb812af55249a650a81ba5f010ced8bdOnce my hair was dry I took another look in the mirror. I was completely blonde alright. White blonde. It wasn’t exactly the color I had in mind. After all that bleaching, I now looked like a raggedy Barbie doll, with white dry frizzy hair.

And my curls were gone. It was all one big white blond dry mess now. Just horrendous! What a nightmare! I feared that it would soon fall out, the hair felt so weird and was clearly damaged quite a lot due to all the bleaching.

I’ve never had this happen to me before, not ever in the 10 years since I first tried out dying my hair in vibrant colors! Back then, I had to bleach my hair to do that too. Or perhaps, this was the last straw? Perhaps I should have skipped the Garnier Decoloring product and use the peroxide and bleach powder from the start? Whatever it was, it wouldn’t matter much now. Not now that I am Barbie blonde with dry hair that has the same color and texture of wool.


What a nightmare!                       

It was already midnight. The shops were closed. What could I do now?

I decided to once again massage my scalp with argan oil creme and to leave the product in for a bit longer. Maybe I would think of something in the morning? Perhaps I would have to dye it one more time for a more natural color? With a bit of luck the hair won’t look like cotton candy after a good night sleep, right?

But I couldn’t sleep. The thought of my hair looking like combed sheep hair frustrated me. And thus I ended up searching my bathroom for something to fix it. That’s when I stumbled upon a box of hair-dye from a previous shopping spree. It was a random ash-brownish / blondish tint.

And thus I ended up rinsing my hair once again, to get rid of the argan oil creme I had left in earlier. I blow dried it and was dying my hair once again that same night. My scalp was hurting a lot, it felt as if my head was on fire. Afterwards I washed it all out with cold water and damage control shampoo, rinsed it with some hair conditioner for damaged hair, massaged some more argan oil creme in it and towel dried it to allow the hair to dry on it’s own course while I sleep.

searcing-for-name-of-1990s-barbie-21326669This morning I woke up with still a bit of a burning feeling on my scalp. I dipped my head in the cold water to rinse out the argan oil creme and took a look in the mirror. My hair was no longer white blonde with the texture like a combed sheep.


Now it was ash-blondish, with the texture of Barbie doll hair again.

At least it looked more “natural”… I guess… But it still needs to be fixed. Indefinitely. It was still dry.

Instead of using the argan oil creme I had been using in overdrive last night, I resorted to massaging pure coconut oil in the scalp and in every strand of my hair. I also sprayed some cooling rose water on my scalp. Then all dressed up and with my hair in a bun I went to the store to get myself a hair mask for damaged hair.  I bought the Andrelon Care & Repair. They also have hair conditioning and all sorts of cremes for day-to-day use, to give damaged hair some well deserved extra love and care.


It’s been a few hours since I’ve put the mask in my hair. It is finally becoming a curly afro again. My scalp isn’t burning anymore, just a bit sore. I think it’s going to be just fine and I really love my blonde afro.

I think if I hadn’t used the argan oil creme, coconut oil or the damage control products my hair would’ve been a lot worse. But I’m not sure if I’d even bleach my hair like this ever again…

If someone happens to read this who has naturally curly hair, bleached it and is now left with dull lifeless uncurly hair, desperately looking for a way to fix it. Here’s what I did to reduce the damage as much as possible:

How to fix bleached dull hair back to curly blonde again:

The 1st day:

  • Wash your hair with cold water and shampoo for damaged hair.
  • Use a conditioner for damaged hair, leave it in for a few hours and then rinse out.
  • Massage the scalp with argan oil or coconut oil.
  • Spray hair with rose water
  • Add a hair repair mask.

The upcoming weeks:

  • Wash your hair with semi-cold water and hair repair conditioner instead of shampoo.
  • Keep using argan oil or coconut oil, rose water and the hair mask every other day until.

The hair will retain curls slowly and might start of more frizzy than usual. Give it time. This worked for my hair. I have very thick black curly hair by origin. It might work for you too. Try it out and let me know if it helped 🙂

So…. That was my hair experiment so far. I’m not saying the decoloring product was a bad thing, I just don’t think it’s a product good enough for black curly afro hair 🙂 Have you ever had a bad experiment with hair products? What was it and how did you fix it?

Thanks for lurking 🙂 God bless!

[PS; I don’t get paid to mention these products. It is what I used to fix my own hair and maybe they will fix your hair to. I’m sure there are similar products out there from other brands that work just as good. Do whatever works for you!]


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