My ghetto keyboard

Hiya lurkers!

For several months, I was writing my blog entries and doing my other online activities while typing blind. As in; not able to see what key I am pressing because there is nothing to see on the keys.

1172794_776510115812535_1323135379_nIt looked even weirder after I tried to put home made qwerty stickers on the keys. Imagine a keyboard with some gross dirty white stickers. Just imagine it, can you picture it?

Sure looks gross doesn’t it?

Imagine having guests over, showing them around through the crib I live in and then having to explain why my keyboard looks like a skin shedding mummy.

The keyboard was a cheap deal I found on, which is kind of like a Dutch I considered ordering a new one elsewhere. But despite the keys not being readable anymore, they still functioned.

So what to do then? I tried to search the interwebs for a suitable solution. Some seemed like good ideas. Like this DIY tip for reusing the keys of an older keyboard. And then I stumbled upon this website that site that sells stickers for qwerty keyboards. I figured ordering those would be an easier option. They weren’t that expensive anyway.

It took a while before the stickers were delivered. It turned out they came all the way from China. A specific piece of information that could be considered important that the website forgot to mention for whatever reason.

Last week the stickers were finally delivered. They are smaller than my original keys and in bad lighting I still am forced to type blind. But I guess it looks less like a zombie keyboard now.

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