Phoneless and oozing with enthusiasm


Last night, after a long day at church the drummer of our church band drove me and my family home. We survived another day at the small Indonesian church in Amsterdam. It was another barely okay service. It was my turn to pick the songs. Most of the band mates showed up on time. One of our older guitar players had a birthday too.

We did’t only have the usual praise & worship, followed by a lengthy speech of some stuck up Indonesian Pastor, followed by some more singing, followed by another lengthy speech by the chairman and so on… No, we also had a party with cake. Which actually is quite usual there are lots of birthday parties through out a year. It’s what the small Indonesian church in Amsterdam is most known for within the Indonesian community; Lots of food and parties with a hint of church. With most of the partying happening AFTER the service of course.

4504470ac594e03a58092a5da032b7a7Jesus Christ died to carry our sins and defeated death when He rose to life again. I believe in a living God. There is nothing more heartwarming than His grace. But a lot of His followers look like cast members of The Walking Dead. They just sit there throughout the church service with a cranky face, barely able to smile. They don’t sing or clap their hands, they can’t clap their hands. It’s like they are all suffering from a bad hangover or something. They look like cranky zombies. “Can I get an amen?”

And yet, as soon as the service is over and is time for food and partying, those same cranky people suddenly get up and boogie boogie on the line. What the frack? Just what the frack?! There’s just so much that annoys me about this church.

Wowzers, my description of what the small church in Amsterdam is like sure is oozing with passion, isn’t it? *sigh* God forgive me, I really am losing my enthusiasm for this church. Sometimes the only prayer that comes to mind for me when I am in this church is “God, please let it be over with”. I’m not sure whether a worship leader should feel this way towards a church? But then at other times I think of the people there, the elderly and the staff and then I decide to just keep on trying. Hoping it will get better. Maybe it’s foolish.

But anyways…

It was another late Sunday evening when we were driven home from the small Indonesian church. bugsmartphoneMy phone was fully charged when I left stepped into the car. Barely 15 minutes later I noticed that the battery had dropped down to 3%. It had been 6 months ago since I had replaced the battery of my rundown Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini phone. And thus I realized what time it was. The battery had swollen up again. I had been extra cautious with this battery but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.

I am now phoneless until I either decide to purchase a new battery or a new phone. Despite the fact that I have a job I am still living la vida broka. And thus the only option I have for the time being is remaining phoneless for a while.

A part of me isn’t that sad about this, really. It actually feels quite refreshing to not have a phone buzzing and bleeping every glob forsaken hour of the day. If people need me they can send me an email instead. Much better.



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