Pure chaos…

Last night I was unable to fall asleep, despite the fact that I had a hectic week working at the hotel, fixing church stuff for not one but two churches and feeding my Adventure Time addiction by binge-watching all 7 seasons. The addiction is so bad that I can not sleep without watching a few episodes. But there are no episodes available on the usual torrent sites nor stream sites.

Holy crap… I have been sleep deprived all week.

It is early in the morning. Hardly slept last night, maybe 4 hours. Later today I am worship leader at the new sister church located in Rotterdam, which is part of my small Indonesian church in Amsterdam. You could call it a special day. An exciting and interesting day.

The choir practiced yesterday for that event of today. They, the church people,  were so excited that they forgot to practice for our own Sunday service.  Things have not gone too well for the church band. Haven’t had a decent band practice in almost a month. 

All are thrilled and excited. All are going bonkers for the opening of a sister church in Rotterdam. All the while the church in Amsterdam is going through some pretty shaky unstable spazmic seizure. 

They call it growth pains. To me; It is pure chaos at the moment. 

God help me. God help us all.

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