Random Tuesday

Today has gone by so fast. Was planning to do stuff but hey there’s always tomorrow.

It’s another random Tuesday with randomness spilled all over it. I wake up at 6:00, stumble my way to the bathroom to roll out of it again 15 minutes later. I stumble down the stairs, I stumble to the kitchen to make myself some coffee.

Then, I stumble to the backyard with a mug in hand and a cigarette. Gray clouds cover the morning sky with a threat of rain. I fumble with my lighter trying to light my cigarette at the thought of having to stumble through the rain to get to work.

After venting my complaints to the Man upstairs and gathering enough “What the heck let’s get it over with” vibes, I stumble my way through work, fumbling with the task to pretend I didn’t tumble down the clock, barely able to keep up.

140105154260ce0af2-1940-482e-bf80-db69073e9efbI’m such a slowpoke…

Several hours later, having survived all of that randomness, I stumble my way back home to stumble my way back to kitchen and fumble with the food I try to prepare. And then I stumble up the stairs and tumble into bed for a nap.

Not much later I wake up, I stumble to my study for some stumbling and tumbling down the interwebs. Somehow I realized that I have neglected this sorry excuse for a blog like the plague, for some fumbling reason. So here I am again. Stumbling through this attempt of a blog post, trying to find something interesting while stuttering a random use of words to describe my random day.

Oh yeah, I got a job. Since a few months actually. A new job. It’s in a hotel. It isn’t the coolest job but it could be worse. It’s a random job that I stumbled upon and no fumble through for several hours a day. It has been a while since I had a random job to fumble through, so I guess that makes it less random.

You know what?

Here, have a fortune cookie instead:


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