The awkward gang

More than a decade ago, we used to be part of a much bigger group of friends. But unlike what you see in sitcoms like Friends or How I Met Your Mother, where the same group of friends keeps on hanging out with one another for decades, our group shrunk. People find a job they love, get married, have children and move away. Some stay in contact, a lot don’t. Since a few years the awkward gang is basically just me, my friend and these two brothers. Every now and then, the four of us go see a movie, either in the local movie theater or at the house of one of the brothers. We hardly have done anything else except watch movies together.

My friend is married with children. To her, hanging out with the awkward gang is a nice several-hours-lasting-break of being a mom. To the brothers it is a random fun night out, I think. To me, it is a fun but sometimes a bit awkward night out. Maybe it is because I am awkward. Maybe it is because we are all awkward.

As mentioned before; Usually it [the gang] is just my friend, the guys and me. Every rare occasion a few other friends join. But mostly it is us four. It rarely happens that I hang out with just the guys. Nor does my friend ever just hang out with the guys. Which in her case I understand. Her husband probably would not like it much if his wife would hang out with two unmarried guys all by herself.

Yet for some reason, me and the guys rarely hang out just with the three of us. I’m not quite sure why it is that way. The guys and I share an interest for video games, like the same movies, have a weird sense of humor and were brats growing up. None of us would piss off a spouse about hanging out together since none of us is seeing someone. As far as I know of, anyways. So, why we rarely hang out with just the three of us? I do not know, really.

Perhaps it has something to do with this awkward chemistry I sometimes experience with one of the guys. Neither of us would confess to one another nor to the group that there is such an awkward chemistry. But, in this poor excuse of a blog of mine I will just be honest; there is an awkward chemistry. It was there decades ago, it is there whenever we hang out with the group and it is there when I somehow end up with him alone for a moment.

Earlier this year, my friend had a baby and obviously wasn’t able to go to a movie theater. The two brothers did not make much effort to come and visit her to see the new baby. My friend expressed how hurt she felt because of this. After all these years, how can they not at least take one look at her newborn? Needless to say, it had been quite a while since we hung out together with all four of us.

A few months ago we planned to hang out again. The youngest of the brothers had gotten himself a new place and we would watch a movie together afterwards. Unfortunately my friend canceled because one of her kids had gotten sick. For the first time ever, we hung out without my friend. For the first time, it was just me and the guys.

I arrived at the house early in the evening. The younger brother proudly showed me around his new place. Afterwards we sat outside for a while for some chitchat. I told them that it wasn’t too nice of them to not visit our friend and see her new newborn. It made the guys think for a moment and they said they would make it up to her someday soon.

Not much after that, the younger brother had turned on a movie to watch. During the movie, the older brother and I were teasing each other, throwing pillows at each other and making cheesy jokes. Yep, that’s that weird chemistry I mentioned earlier. After a while the youngest brother got fed up. With an annoyed tone he told us that he really wanted to see the movie. The rest of the movie we just sat there trying not to laugh. When the movie ended the brothers walked me home and that was that.

Then there was this time when I went to a festival with a few relatives. I mentioned about it to the awkward gang and the youngest brother asked if he could join us. He never invited himself like that before. It surprised me. But of course he was welcome to come along. I did warn him that he’d be stuck with my weird relatives for most part of the day. He didn’t mind. We ended up having quite a good time and had some laughs. Afterwards, he said that he felt a little uncomfortable about the whole thing.

It took several months for the awkward gang to get together again. Last month we were supposed to meet up at a local bar for drinks and then see a movie. Just when I notified my awkward friends that I was preparing to make my way to the bar, the youngest brother canceled. It infuriated my friend. The youngest brother had bailed out on meeting up for quite a few times already. She was starting to think that he was making excuses not to hang out.

I was really looking forward to go to the movies with the gang. Even if it meant the youngest brother wasn’t going. That evening, I did something I had never done before; I called the other brother and asked him what he’d like to do. In all these years, I’ve never called him or his younger brother on the phone. It turned out he was already waiting at the bar for us.

And something stopped me from saying, “I’ll be right there”. I instead said maybe it’s best to meet up another time….

Things got more awkward since. Awkward in the sense that it took almost a year for the gang met up again…

What an awkward gang…

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