Maybe this isn’t for me….?

178c9080db4d54a1e671614417ee76e14f1930ecfbffcebc26d60a0df53dbf85_1Since a few months now, I work in a hotel that only caters to cruise ship staff and students. It’s not the most favorite job I’ve had so far. I’ve been job-hopping for quite a while now and this new job sure fits my “Maybe This Isn’t For Me” list perfectly. But I don’t want to give it up just yet, I guess. Even if I wanted to, I cannot because I first would have to find something else and the jobs aren’t up for grabs these days. What makes it a little do-able is that the co-workers, though. Most of them are alright.

Today I started my shift at about 10 in the morning along with a few other co-workers. It would be the first time for me to have to do a whole floor all by myself. It’s my job to make sure everything is ready for when the new guests arrive. I have about 20 minutes to get each room done. Everything has to be done in those 20 minutes; from fresh sheets on the king sized bed, dusting even the smallest object in the room, vacuuming the carpet floors and of course the bathrooms.

The first month I always had a co-worker with me. Especially making the kings sized bed in a rapid time frame is a lot easier when done with a few extra hands. To me, 20 minutes per room is just way too short of time to do it all by myself. Of course I make my own queen sized bed too, but I admit I am not the fastest in cleaning and usually take my time when cleaning my own house. My other co-workers seem to be a lot faster. But some have done similar work in the past, so maybe that’s why. Or maybe I’m just a slowpoke.

After an hour of almost being done with my 2nd room, a co-worker walks in and says she will help me out. I was supposed to do 2 floors and she offered to do the other floor. I was glad with the help and accepted it.

Somehow time went by rather swiftly. Before I knew it, it was time for lunchbreak and after that I was basically done with my floor in another hour or so. All my other co-workers were done too. It seemed that today I was working faster than I thought was possible.

3f94e9fcebedffabbe47ddb780059cbdfdff53b0b541002d0bda4af2eac2ec6b_1Thus I went home and took a shower. Just when I was about to call some friends to see what they were up to this weekend I got a phone call from work. They did a check-up on both floors that were assigned to me for today and said that the rooms had to be redone. I was surprised. I could’ve sworn I had done everything I needed to do in every single room.

But then I remembered the co-worker who had offered to do the other floor. I wondered if she was contacted about it too. They said they hadn’t. It’s not that I want to blame my co-worker for not doing her job.  But basically, I am now being blamed for not doing my job good enough.

This Monday the boss wants to have a word with me. I don’t have a good feeling about it. I guess I better go look at some new job openings and hope to find something better.

Seriously though, there has to be more to life than this same old crap :/


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