How to play Pokemon Go on a hot lazy summer night


ash_0It is sad but it is true. I too play Pokemon Go, yes, I too.

Maybe it is due to the fact that  I’ve never actually managed to adult properly and am still stuck in my childhood. Or perhaps it’s because of childhood sentiments. Pokemon was all the craze when I grew up as a kid in the 90’s and back then too I was bound to catch all the original 150…. And more… So of course now I wanted to give it a go too.

With me, are a lot of other adults who have a chance to relive their childhood with this Pokemon Go app. And that is why so many of us run around EVERYWHERE possible, because we gotta catch ‘m all.

Whatever you think about the Pokemon Go app, you gotta hand it to the makers: Kids are actually playing outside again, parents take their kids out to play Pokemon Go together as a social event and some adults who usually never go outside now do. All because of these virtual little monsters.

That some of these people are also causing accidents in traffic or climbing over the fence of a zoo is of course absurd. But that’s because people in general are absurd, that has nothing to do with the app but with the stupidity of people.


Unlike most Pokemon Go players, I rarely leave the house with the app. One of the main reasons being that I have the game installed on a tablet that only works on WiFi and I do not feel like wasting my phone data on the game. It’s been said that the game can be quite heavy on the phone bill, my wallet doesn’t stretch enough for that nor do I want it to.

erewkA Pokemon Master generally catches Pokemon and hatches Pokemon Eggs by going outside to make as much kilometers as possible. But I managed to get my Pokeballs on quite a few Weedles, Ratatas, Spearows, Pidgeys and a Ghastly just in my backyard and my livingroom alone.

Wait a minute, I’m getting a buzz from the Pokemon App…. Wow, I just caught myself a Drowsey! In my study! How awesome!!

Catching random Pokemon in the house isn’t too hard from what I’ve noticed so far. Because the app is installed on a tablet that solely works on WiFi I am bound to either look for the fictional little critters at home or at some other place with free open WiFi. Places like McDonalds, the Library or City Hall. I managed to catch a few Pokemon with the church WiFi last Sunday. Yay for that!

But hatching eggs doesn’t really go that fast for me. Walking around in short circles in and around the house can become quite boring after a while. It might give the neighbors the impression that I’ve gotten some serious issues. And thus I came up with another solution displayed in the little crummy video below.

Now I can have my cool air and hatch Pokemon Eggs all at the same time, without having to move an inch myself! If you want to try this too, make sure you use enough material to attach your device on the fan. I used about 10 elastic bands and it’s working like a charm.

That’ll be all for now. Have a wonderful Pokehunt and God speed!

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