My foot hurts

My mom’s teeth were pulled and now she has a denture, since yesterday. The poor woman is in so much pain but thank God for painkillers. Too bad nobody could drive us to the dentist, but that’s what public transportation is for, right? And thus we took the bus today for her check-up at the dentist.

It was quite hot, all day. I decided it was flip-flop weather and thus that was the footwear I sported. What a big mistake…

Once we were finally in a bus, the bus driver apologizes that his bus was overheated and that all passengers would have to exit at the nearest stop. I suppose the bus was not the only overheated tool… The bus driver was so excited to get off the bus that he only opened his own door and left the bus, without opening the other doors so that passengers could get out. But thankfully yelling helps, because he returned to open the doors for the passengers too after me and the rest of the passengers kept yelling at him.

Issues with the door on the bus was so a reoccurring thing throughout the day. My mom and I got onto the next bus to get to the dentist. When the bus almost stopped at our destination, I searched my pockets for the plastic travel cards of mom and myself. As I did this, these big guys shoved me closer to the door. Before I could respond, the door of the bus went open, sliding over my bare foot in the process… It cut right through the skin of my middle though and the rest of my toes are red and swollen.

I limped out of the bus, with stupid people staring at me while my toe was bleeding. It hurt like hell. My mom was slowly walking behind me, also in pain because of her brand new denture.

The dentist was pretty quick. I was unable to listen to all he had to say about my mom’s denture. For some reason the pain in my foot was too distracting. The dentist unfortunately did not have any bandages. I thought it was weird for a dentist to not have any bandages, but who am I to judge?

After my mom’s check up at the dentist, we went home with another bus. When the bus stopped at our bus stop, it didn’t open it’s doors. But yelling is a fine trick. I yelled the driver to open the door again. He opened it. Apparently that is the way to open bus doors these days. The buttons at the door are just decoration.

At home I cleaned my wounded toes and put some bandages on them. My foot hurts. Hopefully the swelling will go away soon.

This sure was a fun summer day so far….



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