She killed my bunny :(

My bunny doesn’t like strangers. The only one allowed to touch her is me and anyone else had to approach her with a gentle mindset.

My bunny loved music, especially gospel radio tunes. She would put her ears up high and hop towards the radio and sit there. When me and the church band would practice at my house, I was first scared that it would maybe scare her. But it did not, not at all. She observed the guitar player and would sit with a content expression upon her little bunny face. Whenever I would have to leave the house for a half a day, I would turn up her favorite gospel radio for her.

Last Friday started pretty normal. I woke up and went downstairs to listen to some gospel tunes and have breakfast with my bunny. We played with her noisy ball and her stuffed animals for a while. Then I did some computer work while she hopped around the room to finally snuggle with my feet. Every now and then she would tilt her head and look at me with her big brown eyes. I noticed that she was breathing a bit heavy. I was not sure whether she did this because it was so warm or if she had other problems. And thus I took her to the vet.

What a mistake.

A friend of mine was willing to bring us by car. Because otherwise I would have to take 2 busses and it was going to rain soon. I put my bunny her bunny basket and waited for my friend to come with his car. All the time my bunny just looked at me, wondering what was going to happen. “It’ll be ok, we’ll be home soon.” I told her.

Not much later my friend rang the door bell and off we went. My bunny was looking around, curious and very much alive. It almost made me doubt if I should go on with the trip to the vet. But what if she was sick?

At the vet we were greeted by a young woman I had never seen before. She was quite tall and a bit chubby. A new vet, fresh from school. I should have stopped and asked for the vet I was familiar with. But, wanting to give this young new vet a fair change, I just walked on in and placed the bunny basket on the large metal table.

“Be warned, this bunny doesn’t like strangers and can be a wild one when she is scared.” I told the young vet.

“I’ve read something like that in her chart.” the young woman said as she walked towards the basket.

I asked her to wait for me to get my coat off. But as soon as I had opened my coat, the young vet started opening the bunny basket. Luckely I had just rushed back to the metal table just in time. My poor bunny rushed off right away and dove into my arms. Her little body was trembling in fear. I kissed her on her little head to calm her down. She was almost completely calmed down, when the young vet comes nearer again. That’s when my bunny freaks out again. She jumps up, hurting her hind paw and breaking a nail. The metal table was covered in blood.

That’s when the young vet grabs my bunny by her neck. The old vet has told me that grabbing a scared rabbit in the neck is not a good idea. I was in shock when I saw this young woman dare to do just that.

“Please! Don’t touch her like that, she will freak out more!” I tried.

The young woman kept her firm grip on my bunny’s neck, while my bunny tries to shake her neck and get loose from her grip. It is a terrible sight.

“No! Stop, please!” I beg her.

My bunny screams in fear and pain and then falls lifelessly on the metal table. Her eyes almost popping out of her eye-sockets. As if she wask chocking. And then I saw what I had seen before with her father, with her mother and her sisters. With the difference that they all died a painless peaceful way. But my little one died, while the young vet still had her claws clutched onto her neck. My bunny died, out of fear and pain.

“Why is she not breathing?” the vet asked.

“Because she is dead….!” I yelled.

The young vet rushed out of her office to “give me a moment alone”.  Leaving me with the lifeless body of my little rabbit, that was very much alive just moments before we set foot into this office.

The whole scene kept on replaying in my head over and over. I couldn’t help but come to the conclusion that the young vet had just KILLED my bunny! If she had not grabbed my bunny by the neck like that, she would have been alive still! If she would have a bit more patience with her, my bunny would be alive still!

I was crying like a baby. My mom rushed in not much later, along with my friend. After I had gathered myself together, I put the lifeless body of my sweet little bunny back in her basket and then went to the reception of the animal clinic.

“Miss, don’t feel bad. Your rabbit was old and old rabbits die.” the receptionist said.

“Her father died at 10 years old. My bunny was very much alive before I entered your clinic. Because your vet doesn’t know how to hold a rabbit, she is now dead. I never should have brought her to your clinic.” I said.

“We’re very sorry. We learned at school that grabbing a rabbit by the neck calms them down! Of course this session is free of charge.” the receptionist said.

“She is calm alright. Dead calm. Thank you very much.” I said.

There was so much more I wanted to yell and scream out at them that very moment. But what good would it do? My bunny was dead! I could sue them but that won’t bring her back. I knew the day would come that my bunny would join her father, mother and sisters. She was 8. But still, I never would have thought she would die on the vet’s metal table, while a young vet clutched onto her neck, choke her “to calm her down”.

I’m so angry. So sad. She could have been sitting in the living room, enjoying gospel tunes while playing with her stuffed animals. Sitting on my lap. Stealing my brown bread off my plate. But now, she is buried in the backyard.

I never should have taken her to the vet. What a mistake… I’m so sorry bunny. It shouldn’t have to be this way 😦 I miss you so much 😦

Rest in peace.

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