Oscar’s Oasis Marathon

If you’re like me, you probably end up not sleeping well for at least 2 nights in a row. Whether it be cramps due to the presence of Patty Mary Sue, or just your brain not being able to shut off; Insomnia can hop on the crazy wagon at any given night of the week, my friend. And no matter what you try, you won’t fall asleep.

I’ve tried writing Insomnia letters. I’ve tried sleeping pills. I’ve tried going to bed drunk. Nothing works. And so I’ve just accepted it and embrace these lovely sleepless nights by binge watching some awesome movies or cartoons.

Last night for example, I was using my Xbox to search for random cgi shorts on Youtube. There are some beautiful ones out there. And that’s how I ended up watching Oscar’s Oasis for 4 hours straight. It is absolutely a treat to the sleepless brain.

Check it out:

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