Patty Mary Sue

Dear Patty Mary Sue,

I don’t like you. You come around unannounced, taking over like a raging flood. All day long you nag and are hurtful. Your presence makes me sick to my stomach and depressed. You’re annoying and always make a mess.

When you are around, I just want to crawl in a ball, cover myself under the blankets and eat Haägen Dazs Salted Caramel while bawling my eyes out and watch Ghibli movies.

I don’t like myself when you’re there. I just don’t like you Patty Mary Sue. I cannot wait until you make your leave again.

Regardless how much I despise you, I must admit that whenever you show up late, I panic. But so far you’ve always made your return, every month of the year. Reminding me that good things come and go. Alarming me that time goes by faster than I realize. Making aware of the fact that I am in fact in the prime of my life, despite of the fact that I don’t feel much alive with your presence lingering.

The day you’re gone always lifts up my soul. But thank you, Patty Mary Sue. Thank you for being you.

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