Sunday short

Hello lurkers,

How is your Sunday morning going so far? I myself am trying to mentally prepare myself for the church service that awaits. This Sunday afternoon I have the honor once again to lead the church into worship and praise.

Yesterday we had a birthday party of a church member. He turned 20-something and his parents had arranged a surprise party for him in church. But since the next day we would have a church service, the party got called quits at about 10 pm. Now for a 20-something, 10 pm on a Saturday is usually the time to either get ready for a party or drink in some confidence to party at a real club later on. And so, while the 20-something kids continued their party needs elsewhere, their parents had to clean up the place and make everything church ready.

I was 20-something once. At that age I crawled back home from partying at about 6 in the morning, snooze in for an hour to crawl to church a few hours later. Yeah… those were the days…

Reflecting upon my own party memories does have me wonder if any of these 20-something kids are even showing up for church today. And whether their parents are going to be on time for the service, after cleaning up till late.

It’s ok to party, but a wise man once said; Those that can party till break of dawn can also thank the Man Upstairs and show up in church.

Oh well. We will see. Have a happy Sunday. God bless.

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