Having a cold in May

Hello lurkers,

How are you all? The weather has been typically Dutch the passed few days; ever changing. We’ve had some rain, some wind, some storm and here and there bits of sunshine. Today was actually a nice almost-feels-like summer day. Unfortunately I have a cold, my throat hurts and my nose is stuffed. The usual. I would really love to sit outside to catch some sunrays but I actually feel cold too. Even in the sun. So I I walk around in a nice warm cow-onesie for now, having the neighbors wonder once again what strange entities occupy this house.

Droppie Bunny is doing marvelous. We’ve had band practice here in the house and she was really enthused by the guitar guy for some reason. Because of his guitar jam, not because of him though.

My small Indonesian church in Amsterdam is doing alright. Last weekend was quite hectic with a church service on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday was really special, because several speakers took the stage from all sorts of racial and cultural backgrounds to talk about Israël and the Bible. I myself have never had the privilidge to visit Israël but from what I’ve heard from family and friends and even from the speakers that Saturday, for a Christian visiting Israël can be a real special experience.

The leaders of my small Indonesian church in Amsterdam have been to Israël before and they want to go visit the country with the entire church someday, God willing. I do want to go. Hope to be able to save up for it.

My financial drama seems to finally head to another direction. Every now and then I get a new assignment as a Freelance Graphic Designer. I doesn’t make me rich but I get to be able to at least pay for the needed stuff.

Tomorrow is another Sunday. I will first hang out with my grandmother and my father for coffee and lunch and afterwards it is church time again. Yup, it is going to be another blissful full day and I look forward to it.

I’ve written a new song for the small Indonesian church to sing somewhere next month. Next month they have this big celebration and since they love for their entire choir to sing big bombastic fun songs, I figured to write something original. It is a song that will be available in English, Dutch and Indonesian language. My grasp of the latter language is not the best, however. So I’ve asked my bandmates to help out with that. That way it is not just “my song”, it is our song 🙂

Well. That is all about my little life here in the land of wooden shoes for now. Might write some more some other time. Wishing you a wonderful day, a wonderful weekend and may God bless you.



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