My sibling

Hello lurking lurkers


I am in the train and on my way to meet up with my dad in Amsterdam. Together we will go to the hospital where my sibling is undergoing surgery. Today my sibling will go through the 3rd phase of the transformation. Today my sibling will become the man he always felt he was inside.

The leaders of my small church in Amsterdam have been quite supportive about it. They don’t completely understand why my sibling is going through. From a Christian point of view, a transformation like this is not always acceptable. But whether we understand or not is not the issue. All I hope is for my sibling to finally feel whole. And if this transformation is what is needed to come closer to that goal, if this is what his desire is; who am I to judge?

Deep down we are all just souls wanting to feel happy and loved. What our outsides look like, what others think they know is not important, really.

Thank you for lurking

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