Darn Flu, go away already

sick-bee-300pxHiya lurkers,

What’s happening? Not much here. Got the flu. I think I caught it in church last week, from some of the other church people. But not sure though. My nose is all clogged up, I’ve got a fever and I’m coughing like a barking seal.

The neighbors were complaining this morning  about our dog. They asked us if we could keep it quiet at night. But we don’t have a dog. We just have me, coughing like a barking seal.

My eyes hurt too. My whole face feels a bit puffy and swollen. And my throat hurts. Dang flu, why won’t you go away? It’s been months since the last time I was under the weather like this. It’s becoming quite annoying. 14_emoticonshdcom

The funny thing is. When I was doing the Daniel Fast and ate a lot less but did eat only healthy stuff, I felt sooo good. And now that I’ve stopped the Daniel Fast, a few week later I am already under the weather. Almost makes one want to try and eat healthier again. Which isn’t such a bad idea.

I am drinking loads of this at the moment:


It’s such nice weather out. There’s weeds growing in my flower bed. Weeds, as in; unwanted plants. Not the greens that are legally accesable in the shops in Amsterdam. I might just go and sit and sniff the fresh air. Oh wait, I can’t because my nose is clogged. Well.. Never mind then… I think I will just go and watch some random Disney movies and then take a nap.

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Thank you for lurking



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