What the Wednesday

Hello Lurkers,

It is Wednesday, time for a random WTF post. I stumbled upon these crazy yet amazing videos on Youtube of some Japanese person and a miniature kitchen. From the mini fridge to the mini stove, it all works.

Reflecting on the Daniel Diet I followed for 21 days in a row, this miniature cooking sure could be a nice addition for a diet. I’d sure like myself some miniature hamburgers, or pies or some cute little donuts.

Just look at how this brilliant miniature chef makes mini hamburgers:

Liked this video? Check out the other miniature recipes right here on the youtube channel:  Miniature Space.

BTW, I have a new Instagram account now. I’m not sure what pictures I will share there. I tend to just go with whatever fart my brain releases at the moment. Feel free to follow me on Instagram and I will follow back. Thanks.

Thanks for reading. Have yourself a wonderful What The Wednesday. God bless.

That will be all. Thank you for reading this stuff. And if you like this you migth also like my shirts, mugs and other awesome gear. You can find them right here at my Red Bubble Shop! Buy a nifty shirt and help raise money for the Feed The Hungry Fund. Thank you.

Thank you for lurking

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