Daniel Fast, Day 17

Hello lurkers!

Just 4 more days to go and my Daniel Fast trial is over! Yay!

Or maybe not… I am kind of playing with the thought of extending the fasting, because of slip ups and breaks I had inbetween.

In my Sunday entry I described how I had coffee and a Dutch moist almond cookie with granny. Granny is suffering from dementia and drinking coffee with me and my dad is something she really enjoys. So for her I put my Daniel Fast on a short pause.

Eating GirlThere were more days when I had mistakenly eaten salted peanuts. And I accidentally added soy-milk that happened to be contain sugar to a soup I was making.  To make up for those slip ups I think I could add another day or so to my Daniel Fast trial…

Heck, I might make it an actual lifestyle. I might Daniel Fast for a few more weeks on weekdays and then have normal dinner in the weekend.

But I will feast on Easter, though. That’s the day when there will definitely be some mayor binge eating on my behalf.

My small Indonesian church celebrates everything with mayor tasty Indonesian meals. With Easter it will be no different. There is probably going to be stuff like Sambal Telur, fried chicken, fried fish and so many other tasty stuff that I haven’t had the pleasure of feasting upon for almost 3 weeks now.

steamed-plantain-1024x1024My breakfast was a steamed banana. Which is actually a very tasty way to start the day. Warm and comfy with the natural sweetness of banana. It is easy to make and it is really yummy. Something I could enjoy for more days to come. Oh, I also had a mug of warm water to guzzle down.

For lunch I had a bottle of water and a salad with lettuce, carrots, tomato, cabbage and olives. I have just put a carrot and tomato bread in the oven at the moment. Maybe to eat with some soup, or maybe just the way it is. It smells really nice. It is an experiment so I am a bit self-conscious about sharing the recipe just yet. I might write it down once I’ve tried the bread myself.

I just turned on the TV and am watching the news…. It is a dark day here in Europe. There was a bombing in Brussels, Belgium. It involved a suicide bomber and there were two explosions; one at the airport and at the metro station. About 15 people died and there are dozens of wounded people.

Authorities report that more undetonated homemade bombs have been discovered within the terminal. They also feared that a train that traveled from Belgium to Amsterdam might have explosives on board. The trainstation in Amsterdam had to be cleared and it took hours before the people who were in that specific train were allowed to get out.

Belgium is nearly 3 hours away from where I live. There’s high security at every big train station and airport we have here in the land of wooden shoes and Belgium.


It was also reported that several christians had been kidnapped by ISIS. Among these Christian abductees is a pastor that ISIS is planning to crucify on Good Friday… The day we Christians reflect the crucifixion of Jesus on the cross.

This world is going mad. It just like the book of revelations have foretold. World drama after world drama is piling up. From children dying of hunger in 3rd world countries to wars and bloodshed.

Please pray for this pastor and his loved ones. Please pray for Belgium and for my country and for everyone living under the threat of terrorism. May God give us strength, peace, wisdom to deal with these tragic times that seem to become more grim and grim by the day.

I better go. I need to go check my baking experiment in the oven. And I want to find out more about those bombings.

On a lighter note…. Would you like to have a cool mug, skirt or shirt with original prints designed by this silly blogger? Then go ahead and check out my Red Bubble Shop! Make a purchase and help raise money for the Feed The Hungry Fund. Thank you.

Thank you for lurking

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