Daniel Fast, Day 16

Hello lurkers,

Today is Monday, the 16th day of my Daniel Fast. My breakfast existed out of cucumbers, carrots and a bottle of water and I just swallowed down lunch, which is some left-over mushroom soup from a few days ago.

I was staring at my books today… I was staring at them, thinking of how I got them. There are several kids books in my mini library, that I used to read as a child. There’s also some English, Dutch and Indonesian bibles in there. The Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord Of The Rings are also in there, books that I’ve read myself. But there are so many more books in my mini library.

libreria_23-2147515511When I was a few years younger and a lot more stupid, I owned a bookshop in a fancy little town in the land of wooden shoes. I wasn’t the sole owner of that bookshop, though. At the time, I was dating a stupid idiot. Together we thought we could run this bookshop and make it something nifty and stupendous. Together we went bankrupt with a nice big pile of debts. We had never had a store like this before and our lack of experience and curse to make a bad situation worse took the best of the both of us. We tried selling what was left of our stock to whoever was willing to pay as much as a dime. Eventually we ended up having to donate a wide amount of our stock of books to charity. It was an interesting time.

63_20120408_021025_strongI’ve been rolling in and out of job ever since. I have been living-la-vida-broka on and off for quite a few years. At least I am almost debt free. Almost. Aside from a small 5 figure number that I still owe to several companies… But oh well. I learned from it. God works in mysterious ways. He taught me through those horrendous days that even when life hits rock bottom, there is always something to smile for. There is always another tomorrow. There are still people out there who are going through worse unicorn crap. Life will get better. Just hang in there. And if you fall flat face in the dung that is blocking your life a few times, that’s ok. You’ll get stronger from it. You’ll learn to step away from the dung.

I learned never to start shop again with an idiot. I learned that no matter how much I like books, it is not an easy product to sell. A pack of 4A size white paper is much easier to sell. There is always someone out there who needs to print stuff  or maybe draw something or whatever.

book-blank-tan-dont-judge-me-1A book is a personal thing, man. You either like it or you don’t. To be able to sell your customer a product you at least have to know something about that product. I tried to read the back of each book, just so I can tell my customers what they are about. But when you have over 70.000 books in your store of with thousands of different titels it can be quite a task.

Some titels are brilliant, some aren’t. Some books look spectaculair but lack substance. Some books look like crap, have crappier titels and are even more crappy than that. And some books are great. Really great, heart touching and can totally change one’s perspective on life. I still own some of those books. They are part of my own personal mini library now. And I could’ve sworn I still have more books somewhere in a box but I am too lazy to dig the box up from the shed.  It’s just that I’m too lazy to go and dig up the box.

While I was enjoying my cucumbers and carrots this morning, I figured to set up shop with some of my books on Dutch website Bol.com. I might even consider putting them Amazone too. Haven’t tried amazone before, so I will have to investigate that site first. Who knows it’ll go a lot better this time. Then I might just have to dig up that box with the other books too.

If selling the books for another try still doesn’t work, I will always have a nice stack of “crappy birthday gifts” for a life time. And if that doesn’t work, I could always set them on fire in the backyard and have a nice BBQ.

gosh-i-certainly-hope-soDeep down inside my head filled with incoherent thoughts and what-nots, though, I really hope my little online bookshop will do well. Maybe there’s someone out there who’s heart will be touched by the crappy books I sell. Maybe I will be doing so well that I will have to go and look for more crummy books to resell. Wouldn’t that be nifty? I think that would be very nifty.

I will now try to think of dinner. I have taro root now and I’m trying to think of something to make with it. Maybe a stroll down google will result into something tasty.

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Thank you for lurking

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