Daniel Fast, Day 18

Hello Lurkers,

Things are quite hectic, here on this Wednesday the 18th day of my Daniel Fast trial. So busy busy busy.

First I am meeting up with my uncle. My uncle is a guitar collector and he always enjoyed strumming his guitar in the comfort of his own home. Every now and then he  will come check out the big events of my small church in Amsterdam. My small Indonesian church likes to party with loads of Indonesian tinted rock tunes and Indonesian foods. My uncle always joked that he would like to join us with his guitar someday. Today I am going to pull him out of his comfort zone and practice a song with him to play for Easter Service. It will be the first time for him to play on stage with his guitar.

Today we also have to practice with the church band for Easter Service.  I figured to combine practicing with my uncle and the band together. He was shaking like a leaf as he pulled out his electric guitar once we were in church. But the guys from the band were so nice to give my uncle some moral support. It sounded pretty good. Everyone was impressed by my uncle’s guitar and his guitar skills.

I also have a meeting with church staff and need to practice with the choir.

I didn’t eat much throughout this day, I drank a lot of water though. Here’s what I ate:

Breakfast: Appel, raisins and water

Lunch: plums and water

Dinner: steamed bananas and water

That’ll be all.

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Thank you for lurking

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