Daniel Fast, Day 9

Hi lurking ones, how is life?
For me it’s another day on the Daniel Fast course, that’s how life goes at the moment. Day 9 to be exact. This Tueday morning I started with prayer, drinking a nice bottle of water and eating some vegan tomato soup.

I also practised my vocal chords, tried torturing my old keyboard for a while. The birds in the yard did not seem to be bothered by my spasmic keyboardist skills.

Then it was time for lunch and thus I had myself a cup of boiled water and some tofu with peppers and garlic.

Also I went grocery shopping because we ran out of nuts. And I was in need of ink for my printer. Tomorrow  I have a meeting at the church with the council. They needed prints for the upcoming Easter event and other events in the near future that we have planned.

For dinner I had spinach soup, a bottle of water and a mandarin for desert.  It was quite tasty. The Daniel Fast is getting “easier to do” as the days progress. I do find myself craving certain things at times. Things like cheese, chicken and chocolate. But I’ve managed to stay away from those so far. Eventhough we still have some in the house. Am considering to give it to my sibling because he isn’t doing the Daniel Fast. On the other hand it would be a nice reward to keep in the house for when I’m don fasting. Plus it is an extra way to test my own will power to not touch these foods until the Daniel Fast course is finished. It is easier to not touch foods “you’re not allowed to eat” when they aren’t in your direct environment. Yet, when they are there in the kitchen cabinets or in the fridge or whatever it asks of more discipline to just say no to it.

God give me strenght…

The older man, from my small Indonesian church, who started the Daniel Fast and inspired me to do the same said he was going to extend his fasting course a few weeks longer. He was first planning to stick to 21 days. Now he wants to try until the first week of April. It sounds a bit extreme, maybe. But he said that he felt more stronger than he ever did. He had lost weight, walked more and felt more at peace.

He sure is devoted and I must say I admire him for it. I’m not sure if I would do the same. I might extend it [the Daniel Fast course] for a few days, simple because I’ve made a few slip ups with eating a few times. But to extend it for a few more weeks? Well, maybe I’ll consider it after I’ve gone passed the 14th day mile of this 21 days lasting challenge.

I’ll write more about my random thoughts and stuff that keeps me occupied in another entry. Thanks for reading this thus far.


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Thank you for lurking

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