I made her homework…

Hello lurkers,
sad-face-hiThe other night I went to bed quite late. Not just because I wanted to test the new wordpress app which I installed on my desktop. I also was up late last night because of email that was sent to me by my “godchild” earlier that evening. Her mother and I used to be good friends, but at the moment we are on non-speaking-terms.

Unfortunately this means that I do not get to see my godchild for a while. Thankfully the girl is old enough to own a phone and thus she frequently sends me messages and emails on how she is doing. I’ve played with the thought of inviting her over for lunch or whatever. I sometimes worry about her. Especially when she sends me messages of her not feeling happy or going through something difficult. There’s just so much one can do via phone and internet. Sometimes a face-to-face “come on it’s going to be ok” moment can boost the spirit a tad more. Especially at the tender age of 12 years old.

80d0901cfeb7e39798eab39359b00ac8When her mom and I were still on speaking terms, I used to help the girl out with her homework. We played video games, dance to her favorite tunes, went for a walk or talked about stuff. I helped arrange every birthday party she had so far. I learned her how to make Indonesian peanut sauce and how to fry her own eggs. Sometimes it was kind of like having my own kid.

When she was a baby and I was taking her out for a walk with my old friend, other people would always think the girl was my child. It was a fun time. Now she is 12 and rounding up her final year of pre-school before going to junior high.

I miss hanging out with the kid… But oh well…

Her mother isn’t the brightest in the bunch. I am not saying that because we are on non-speaking-terms or just to talk bad of her. Let’s just say she has a different skillset then most people. Especially when it comes to school stuff, this was always a bit of an issue.

show_and_tell_by_guilmonking-d37n4ywEarlier this year, my godchild emailed me about a show-and-tell speech she had to prepare for school. The girl asked me if I would like to help her out like I always did. Of course the child should do her own homework… But it doesn’t hurt to help the kid a bit, doest it? Especially when this show-and-tell speech will be graded heavily on her final report. Thus the show-and-tell speech is important.

At first I told the girl to try and do it on her own and that she could always email me with the progress she made. Her show-and-tell speech would be made in MS Power Point, a software I’ve become quite accustomed to myself. So if she needed any technicaly support or feedback, she could always email me or text me.

Then she emailed me the other day. She had worked on her Power Point presentation. It looked pretty good on a first glance. It just lacked substance and it was all text with no pictures to show to juice up the show-and-tell Presentation. A long text is nice when you are writing a book or a blog. But not when you are going to have a presentation infront of a bunch of young teenagers.

And that’s when my urge to spice up the Power Point Presentation of my godchild rose up. I just had to fix this for her. Basically, I made her homework for her… Yup, I guess I’m a sucker. Let’s hope she comes home with an A with this one because after I was finished with it, it looked quite spiffy.

That’ll be all.

God speed and sleep tight.

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Thank you for lurking

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