Testing WordPress App

Good evening my lurker,

puppy1When I logged into WordPress late this evening to nag about some random event, my attention was caught by this little button in the screen in the bottom that I had never noticed before; “Download WordPress App for desktop”.

I have always considered installing the WordPress software, simply because I want to try and cut back on interweb-strolling. Somehow I never got to it, though. Cause the software that was available was more similar to any other webbuilding tool and I have gotten way too lazy for tricks like that. I know, it’s not geek-worthy of me to utter such a thing. But I did. So booyah.

There are days when I tend to just wander around the big wide interwebs thanks to click-bait titles and ofcourse smexy pictures of Shinoda, McAvoy or some other never-gonna-happen guy. There are days when I lose myself in social media sites, reading the one status after the other for no reason. And why? Good question. I ask myself the same question each time. It is quite bothersome sometimes. Especially when I have other stuff that needs my attention like lets say filling in my taxes, writing new mumbo-jumbo resumes to apply for a job that is already taken by the time my email lands in the firm’s mailbox and so on.

Avoiding my browser altogether would probably prevent me from doing that. Taxes can be filled in with a special app from the government of the land of wooden shoes. Ok, I would still need a browser to scout the interwebs for job openings but whatever.

And so as my eyes could not unsee the button in the bottom of my screen, I moved my mouse towards it and… Viola, I am blogging via the app now.

The first thing I tried was writing a blog entry. Because what else should I do with an app for my blog? Let’s see how this baby turns out. Will this help me cut back on interweb-strolling? Something tells me no, but at least it is nice to know I can acces my blog directly from my desktop now…

Hold on while I press the publish button….


Marvelous. I think I like it so far.

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Thank you for lurking

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