Daniel Fast, Day 4

Hello lurkers, how are you this wonderful day? For me is yet another day of the Daniel Fast. This is day 4 out of the 21 days of the Daniel Fast semester. Another day without coffee, tea, alcohol, meat, salt or sugar. Another day trying to refocus upon the Lord my God.

e861acb58ff94783b5098ab80fed4887I started this day with a nice cup of boiled water and a mandarin/oatmeal smoothie. And then I went and did my chores while playing some funky Christafari tunes right here to keep in the positive vibes. This Christian regea band has recorded some well known Contemporary Christian Tunes with a fine reggae sound. Really nice.

Curious about this Christafari band? Check out my Spotify playlist on the right menu and enjoy!

I’ve noticed that I woke up earlier again, before my alarm clock even [which is set at 8:00 in the morning]. Not saying my sleep disorder is cured after just a few days of the Daniel Fast. But I do sleep better and when I wake up in the morning I actually feel rested. Something I haven’t felt for quite a while.

Today my mom came over with a friend she met at the grocery story. She knew the lady from a church they used to go to together. I offered them something to drink and to eat, like a proper hostess should. My mom is doing the Daniel Fast too and so the only one enjoying a hot cup of tea with cookies was my mother’s friend. The lady was confused at first, wondering why we would not eat the cookies served on the table. We explained her about our 21 days of fasting and she was excited to hear more.  She is considering to give the Daniel Fast too now.

Another friend of mine is doing the Fast too. She is even considering to expand her Fasting trial to 30 days. I am not sure if I am able to do such a thing and find 21 days pretty challenging already. I find it very inspiring though, that my friend is going the extra mile. It is good to want to make a sacrifice like this to get closer to the Lord.

I guess it is okay to share about the Daniel Fast, when you can inspire brothers and sisters in Christ about it. My mother and I were inspired by one of the old men of our small Indonesian church in Amsterdam. And now

img_4083-e1452557802691One thing is for sure. By not having eaten any meat products for the passed few days, my breath smells different in the morning. You know how morning breath tends to smell like something died in your mouth? Well, that smell seems to be gone in the morning. Another plus to the Daniel Fast!

I tried some new vegan recipes that are proper to eat during the Daniel Fast. This time I tried making a soup with chickpeas, sweet potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, garlic and onions. There’s more ingredients but I don’t feel like writing it all down here. But I can tell you that it tastes pretty good. The recipe can be found right here. For other tasty recipes, go here.

I really have nothing special to write about right now. I guess that’ll be all for now. Have a swell day my lurker. Don’t forget to check out my red bubble shop. God speed.

Thank you for lurking

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