Daniel Fast, day 2

Hello lurkers,

Yesterday I wrote about how I decided to take on a 21 day lasting fasting, based upon the way the prophet Daniel from the Bible did. It is basically a sort of vegan diet with extra restrictions such as; No meat, no animal fat, no dairy, no eggs, no coffee, no alcohol, no leavened bread & yeast, no sugar, no salt. The only drink I am allowed to consume is water and basically eat only that what grows from seeds, such as; Veggies, fruits, potatoes and nuts.

The first day was tricky. I love coffee and consume it like water. I love chicken. But I really want to pull through with this Daniel Fast. I put up some Christian music and read a few bible verses. And then I went back online to google for some recipes to make during these 3 weeks. I found a few websites with interesting tips.

Last night I tried out to some Daniel Fast/Vegan recipes. I tried making hummus, but I think I miss a few ingredients because the taste was just not so tasty. Not wanting to chuck the hummus in the trash just yet, I figured to leave it in the fridge and try something else with the home made hummus in the morning.

This morning I had a nice cup of boiled water and felt like experimenting again. I took the gross tasting hummus out of the frigde and came with the idea to add some regular potatoes, sweet potatoes and some whole wheat flower .

They ended up looking a little like this: veggie burgers.


The hummus/veggie burgers tasted pretty good. I shared some with my mom. She too is trying the Daniel Fast with me, along with a friend of mine. It’s nice to do it with more people because that way you can give each other moral support and pray together and stuff. My mom said the taste of the hummus/veggie burgers reminded her of the Indonesian prikadel. They kind of look like these too.


But, I still have a lot of gross tasting hummus left and am considering to make a loaf out of it. Saw some great recipes on Pinterest and they look tasty: Sweet potato & Chickpea Loaf.



I will discover later on how this really tastes like. It might be great, it might be gross. I’ll be sure to let my lurkers know. And if I may say so myself, it tastes pretty good. You can find the recipe; here.

That is all for now. I will go outside and explore my garden for a while. The flowers I’ve put in the earth last week are doing well and I am going to try to add some more flowers now.

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Thank you for lurking


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