Garden surprise

clx-gift-guide-gardening-deHi lurkers!

I spend my extra day of the year in the garden, gardening. I’ve always wanted to do some work in the yard ever since we moved in. A few months ago I planted a flower that us supposed to bloom in winter. But so far it hasn’t done a thing. And then it just got too cold and too busy for me to actually do some more gardening. But I had come across an ad about a  discount on a bunch of little violins at this Garden Expo and figured to get myself a few of those.

I think I’m developing a new hobby. I never knew gardening could be so much fun. Not that I am good at it, it was quite tricky to get the flowers in the ground. They’re quite small and fragile. I hope the holes I dug for them are deep enough and that they will grow nice and strong.

As I was digging hole after hole for the flowers, I suddenly felt something hard in the ground. I had stumbled upon an unopened can of cola zero. It’s weird because it was buried under a tree.

The people who lived in this house before us are elderly folks.Why would old folks bury an unopened can of cola zero under a tree in the backyard? Better yet, why would anyone bury a can of soda in the backyard under a tree?

I also could not help but wonder; Would the soda still be drinkable? I was unable to identify the expiration date on the can, because of the rust. Some say coca cola still tastes good after 6 months passed its expiration date. Some say it’ll go flat. Who knows? Should I try it? I’m not sure if it would be a smart idea to try soda from a can that was buried under  a tree in the backyard. It sure isn’t what I expected to find while working in the backyard.

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Alright. That’ll be all. I better crawl in my nest and see what the next day will bring me tomorrow.  Bye ya lurker, God speed.

Thank you for lurking


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