An extra day

Hello lurkers,

Here in the land of wooden shoes and windmills the sun shining mildly and it is a bit cold.  Today is February 29th, a day that only occurs once every 4 years. An extra day, a leap day.  So happy leap day to you!

Excuse me while I spend my afternoon of this leap day to vent about my oh so “tragically boring life”.

Actually, My weekend was quite entertaining. Saturday I attended a birthday of an old friend and met some old and new friends. It is one of those birthday parties with all sorts of alcoholic drinks, lots of 80’s and 90’s music and of course Indonesian and Surinamese food, because. A party that usually lasts until the break of dawn. In other words, a great party. I’ve been partying with these people off and on for years. Great party people, great crowd.

1636_0Then it was Sunday and it was time to sing and serve for God and His small Indonesian church in Amsterdam. My body was still recovering from the bottle of wine I had chucked down at the party, and I didn’t have a lot sleep. But it’s nothing a prayer and a nice long shower cannot fix. And I luckily was prepared with a bottle of Carabao energy drink, the Chinese version of Red Bull with a little more power.

Apparently the others in the band had partied hard the other day too, they were like zombies. Ain’t nothing more fun than playing music for God with a bunch of unmotivated zombies. What makes it even more fun is the look upon the faces of the visitors of our church. Some frown and some just shake their heads in pity. Apparently, it is quite sad to witness a zombie band in church from the other point of view I must presume.

Sometimes I ask myself why I am putting up with this crap. This unmotivated zombie state in the band has been going on for quite a while now. And you can tell them to stop being zombies but all it does is make them nod, say yes and then go back into the zombie state again. The only moment when the zombie state stops is when the service if over and when they get to do their other stuff… Almost as if they just really don’t want to sing in the church band anymore. And yet, when you tell them to go and rest in their coffins they jump right back on stage and pretend to be alive and kicking… It’s depressing.

church-of-the-living-dead-1So this extra day, I am reflecting on my weekend and how things have gone so far in the small Indonesian church in Amsterdam. Wondering whether it’s time to go and find my luck elsewhere or if I should try to think of a way to cure the zombies in church. But how? The only cure against zombies in the zombie theology, is a bullet in the decaying brain. I don’t think God would like it very much if I would do that with his small Indonesian church.

It’s not just them and their zombie ways that make me depressed. It’s my own state of mind I get after I’ve spend another Sunday Service with these people. Trying to quit smoking isn’t as hard during week days when I DON’T have to be around the people from the small Indonesian church in Amsterdam. In fact, I do not smoke during week days at all. The only days I smoke the most is in the weekend and especially on Sunday after each train wreck service. Playing music before God with a state of mind that says “Let’s just get it over with and try to do better the next time.” is just not a thing I want to be stuck in.

But then I think  about the fact that we all have bad moments and maybe things will be better the next time. Let’s hope it will. May God help me find a cure to awake the walking dead in my church band.

That’ll be all. I am not going to waste another minute about this. This extra day of the year should be spend with something more exciting. Something like…… Uhm…

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Thank you and have a nice Leap Day!

Thank you for lurking


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