That last X Files episode…

Hello lurkers,

Here in the land of wooden shoes and windmills the finale episode of the long awaited X Files aired. Episode 5 left “such an impression” upon me that I actually forgot what it was about already. And this 6th episode? Well, it was alright, I guess. It was connected to the 1st episode of this mini-season and the everlasting “aliens are out there” flag that X Files is known for.

Excited like loads of other fans of the old TV Show, I had planted myself in front of the TV with a nice bottle of cheap red wine, some snacks and a good dose of enthusiasm. I was ready to be blown away for what was supposed to be an awesome ending of a mini series that turned out, for me, to be not that impressive as I had hoped for. fin05xfilesprshot-finalhires1


But there were some 1st world issues disrupting my nice evening. The cheap red wine  turned out to taste Shinoda forsaken awful. Which I should have known, because it is the same disgusting bottle of wine I had gotten from this weirdo from the party I was at last weekend.

Now, I was supposed to fix the wine with some lemons and make a sangria with it. But I forgot to do this somehow because I was doing other stuff. By the time I was home on the couch ready to watch X Files, the stores were already closed.

I ended up mixing the gross wine with strawberry lemonade. It now tastes like this strange old lady wine.

Anyways…. Needles to say, I was quite distracted throughout the entire 6th episode of X Files. Somehow, my attention just wasn’t drawn to the 6th episode. I wasn’t sucked into the episode as I was sucked into the first seasons of the X Files. Blaming it solely on the gross wine wouldn’t be fair. The wine is gross, but the supposed “grand finale” of a long awaited “meh” 10th season of X Files, is just… I don’t know…

It felt like I was watching a bunch old folks breaking their hips as they try to breakdance at an Afrojack dance event. There was just so much “meh”. That fight scene between Mulder and the young grunt, for example. And I just cannot get over the fact how annoying the young FBI agents are. Especially the woman; What the hell died up her bunghole, man?

There were some “interesting moments”, though. The Cigarette Smoking Man was there.  Scully’s awesome as always. I wish I could name more positive moments. Maybe if I watch it again without the gross wine, my experience will be a lot better.

the-x-files-cliffhangerInstead of answering questions, this 6th episode only left us with more questions. The last few minutes of the 6th episode did make me sit on the edge of my seat. Will Scully save humanity but most importantly, will she save Mulder? And just then, this gigantic spaceship appears and casts a beam of light on Scully, Mulder and the youngster FBI agent. We get a nice big zoom into Scully’s big blue eyes and then… The end credits appear. The show is over.

What the heck? Holy Shinoda, what kind of ending is that? That’s not an ending. This is a cliffhanger and hopefully one with a follow-up that won’t take another century to air on TV. Which actually should make us X Files fans feel more excited because this would mean more X Files in the future. But is it? Or is this just it?

And my cheap ass red wine wasn’t that good either. Bah…. Did you see the 6th episode of the X Files rebooted miniseries? What are your thoughts about it? I’d like to know if it’s not just the bad red wine…

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