Drawing is fun

Hiya lurkers,

The weekends are always hectic for me. I really don’t feel like going but oh well. To ease my mind a little I decided to “pimp-up” a few sketches I made by hand and retouch them with Photoshop. You can see the horrid results right here.

rawomens_tshirtx1000fafafaca443f4786front-c190200315294-bgffffff-u1And, some of the horrid sketches are also available on a funky shirt. Yup, I’ve got a new nifty print available in my Red Bubble Shop. It’s a print of Pencilina! Who is Pencilina? Well, she’s the doodle that I started drawing a lot during those boring meetings at this office I used to work for.

Just look at how Pencilina is being all awesome and wowzers on a nifty shirt!

The print is also available on a mug and other nifty products. Check out my Red Bubble Shop for this awesome new Pencilina print and many other awesome stuff made by yours truly!

That’ll be all. I better go drag myself to bed now. Have a good one. God speed.

Thank you for lurking


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