Reliving the 90’s with Nick Carter’s new 19in99

Hiya lurking lurkers!

Nothing special going on here, really. I’m just enjoying the Saturday by checking out some random “new” tunes with a nice cup of coffee.

004969065_500Backstreet Boy Nick Carter dropped a brand new solo album on the 25th of November in 2015. His 3rd solo album is titled All American.

The 1st single was apparently released in September 2015 and even climbed to the number 1 spot of the Billboard Trending 140 Chart. But I guess since I don’t give a rat’s bottom for trending charts nor have the patience to sit through even 15 minutes of any given radio station AND probably because I don’t live in the USA, I must’ve missed this…

Honestly, maybe it’s because I’ve passed a certain age where I slowly start to give less of a rat’s bottom about certain things that I used to think were apparently worth more than a rat’s bottom. I don’t feel like “waiting out” when what new single is coming out. When an album becomes available on Spotify, or some other music source, I listen to whatever track I enjoy the most. I don’t give a unicorn poop about singles, who are they to decide what song is apparently the “most interesting trigger” to the rest of the album? As an Audio Addict I feel I have the right to decide that for myself.

Yesterday on February 5th, the 2nd single of Carter’s album was released worldwide.  The song is called 19in99 and it is just too catchy! It just one of those fun loving “back-in-the-day” tunes, reminiscing some of finest things Mr Carter enjoyed back in 1999.

Back in the 90’s I had just hit puberty. With my face covered in lipsmacker, rocking oversized pants like Aaliyah while I was drooling over Fox Mulder chasing aliens in X Files. Torturing Sims, Furby, Tamagotchi and trying to catch all the Pokémon to torture too. And so much more stuff that were just so 90’s…

welovethe90s-1024x1024Back in the 90’s, I was also a huge fan of the Backstreet Boys. I’ve been to almost every concert they ever had here in the land of tulips and wooden shoes. My walls were covered with their posters and I own all Backstreet Boys albums. They were a very big part of my teenage life and even after.

Some of my previous boyfriends were infected with the Backstreet Boys virus. In the beginning they’d all say “No way, it’s gay to like BSB”. Yet not much later, I walked in on them bouncing on some good old “Jam on ’cause Backstreet’s got it so everybody rock your body. Get down and move it all around, ’cause I want it that way” all by themselves.

Back in the 90’s, Nick Carter was obviously my favorite heartthrob. The charmingly witty tall young boy with his golden manes and his ocean blue eyes was all I longed for as teeny weeny girl. Well, him and Fox Mulder…. I am guilty of writing quite some disturbing fan fiction with this poor guy starring in it and even made a fansite for it. It was the first website I ever made.

And like with many group acts, each Backstreet Boy eventually tried to venture the path of the solo project. All Boys, except for Kevin Richardson, made a solo album. Despite the fact that Nick Carter was my fave out of the five, I didn’t really like any of his previous solo stuff. It’s not that I detested his solo debut album Now Or Never [2002], nor the follow-up I’m Taking Off [2011]. Maybe it’s because I just don’t enjoy his ballads as much as I did when I was 13+. Maybe it’s just too corny for my liking. I don’t know. Somehow I just personally thought the solo debut albums of both Brian Littrell and AJ McLean were a whole lot more interesting.

This third new solo album of Mr Carter is quite nice though. It has some catchy tunes on it and a duet with Avril Lavigne. I still feel like skipping the ballads even on this album, though. But other than that, it’s one of those albums you could listen to on a nice lazy afternoon.

My all time favorite of the entire album has got to be 19in99. When I discovered yesterday that this was the 2nd single of the album, I was more than thrilled. I’ll sure be rocking out to this tune for days to come 🙂 It might even end up in my top 2016!

In 1999 I was 16. I too was rocking out to Tupac and Nirvana, didn’t give a rat’s bottom and felt free to freak and do whatever I pleased as a teen. Yeah, those were the days. Check out the music video for this amazing track. There’s even a guest appearance by another Backstreet Boy in it.

That’ll be all

Miss Droppie Bunny Rabbit is in need of my attention. We’re going to watch some old episodes of X Files. ‘Cause darn, that young Fox Mulder from back in the 90’s sure is nice…

Have yourself a swell day, may the Lord bless you and keep you.

Thank you for lurking

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