Thursday Night Ramblings

Good evening my lurkers, how is life? It is evening here in the land of wooden shoes and tulips. It is night, actually. People are already snoring on one ear, wandering off in dream land. But not me, nope not I.

It has been 9 days since I last did something with this blog. Thus I figured to write a few words down in the hopes that they become somewhat of interesting sentences to read for whoever feels like reading this ongoing bla-dee-bla.

Where was I going with this? Uhm….

phdfindajobMy job hunt has not been successful thus far. I have been invited to some job agencies out of town, but I’m afraid there’s absolutely nothing promising to report about those misadventures.

I figured to retry opening a shop at It is a site that offers aspiring designers the chance to sell their nifty artsy designs online. You can select what sort of objects you want your designs to be printed on; From stickers to mugs and even clothing. It’s a pretty neat concept. I’m sure there are similar sites out there but figured to give this one a try.

Want to see what I have for sale so far? Check out my shop, click on the banner below;


Ok… What else?

Today they also aired the 3rd episode of the brand new mini-series of X Files here in the land of wooden shoes. I found this episode to be quite hilarious, almost as if they were making fun of their own show. But in a fun way.

giphyI’m trying my best not to give spoilers in case some haven’t seen the 3rd episode yet. This time they serve us a monster week episode, with obviously a monster and some dead folks just waiting to be investigated by the FBI dream team. Dana Scully is really sexy and bad ass in it. She actually kicks mayor butt in it, while Mulder is… Uhm… Seriously, WTF happened to David Duchovny? I guess the Californication lifestyle took its toll. He’s still kinda yummy though…

And… All together I think this was a fun watch though. Cannot wait to see the next 3 episodes. Hopefully they will reconsider to make more episodes. I’m sure loads of X Files fans agree.

I’m tired. My eyes won’t stay open for long. Maybe it is best if I snore on one ear and drool myself to dream land. Tomorrow is another full day ahead.

May the good Lord smile upon you my lurker and may you have a wonderful [insert part of the day]  and a lovely weekend too.

Thank you for lurking


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