Random bla-bla and a Personality Test

Hello lurkers,

How are you? I just took a break from binge-watching X Files until the new episodes finally air in my country. Was in need of some interwebbing. So here I am. Interwebbing. Writing some incoherent bla-bla for whoever cares to read this.

What shall I bore you with this time…? Let me see now… Oh yes, here’s something…

cute_sorry_i_forgot_funny_forgetful_elephant_photo_sculpture_keychain-r62540d67ecbb4b7c94aa3693c6bc2e5e_x7sa6_8byvr_512Sunday was interesting. First went to see my 93 year old grandmother with my dad. It was nice to see her. The woman is suffering from dementia and hardly knows who I am. I will always have to introduce myself with “Hello grandmother, I am your granddaughter”, just to comfort her. And on her term, she will address to me as “young lady” or “madam”. Sometimes, she will have an enlightened moment and ask me about my mother and my sibling. Then she knows exactly who I am and tears of joy sparkle in her eyes. But most of the times, she will just tell me politely “Madam, how nice of you to visit me.” As if I were a stranger. Which hurts sometimes. But I try to not take it personal. She cannot help it, that her memory is failing her.

After visiting my grandmother, I went to church. It was Sunday after all and so there was another church service to be held. At first I was not sure if I would make it on time. But this is an Indonesian church, where time is quite stretchable. “Jam Karet” is the phrase they use for it in Indonesia. So all in all, despite the fact that I had to travel longer to get to church I was still “right on time”. I could still sing with the choir. Very nice.

What else happened? Did another round of looking-for-work on Monday. Called some job agencies, filled in some forms online and so on. Yeah.. It feels useless. If I do get a response back, they tell me I am over qualified. Which is unicornpoo of course. Most companies just want a 16 year old fresh out of college….

The rest of my Monday I ended up binge-watching X Files. Just 2 more days until the 6 episodes of the new mini-series of this marvelous scifi will air here in the land of wooden shoes. I’m trying hard to avoid social media sites in case of spoilers, since the 6 episodes have already started airing in the US.

Today I retook this personality test that I had done a while ago, just to see if the result would be different this time. But the result was exactly the same. My personality type is INFP-T, according to this test at 16personalities.com. Aparently I share this personality type with known figures such as Johnny Depp, William Shakespeare, Frodo Baggins [yes, the hobbit] and Fox Mulder of the X-Files [so I guess I’m spooky too]. How nifty is that?

Here’s a screenshot of my result:


I wonder if any of you lurkers out there have taken a similar test? What result did you get? Are you a INFP-I like me and Fox Mulder, or something different? Feel free to share in the comment section 🙂

Now if you excuse me. I have loads of X Files episodes to binge-watch still.

Thank you for lurking

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