Binge-Watching X Files

Hello lurking lurkers,

The art of binge-watching; I’ve been doing this even before I even knew of the term.

From time to time I do enjoy to lock the doors and binge-watch my entire Ghibli collection. Or some good old Shin-Shan, or Scrubs or just a whole bunch of movies from one specific actor.

Now people boast about how they binge-watching a complete series full of 9 seasons in a weekend. I personally don’t believe that because in general one season of a show has roughly 18 hours of material… So they either fastforward through the entire series [why would anyone do that?] or they lie. But hey, whatever.

With the new mini series of X xf1Files airing in just a few days here in the land of wooden shoes, I tried to smother the suspense by downloading all 9 seasons of X Files. Last night I finally was able to sit through season 1 of this marvelous show.

It was so refreshing to see it where it all started once again. The last time I saw this show, I was in my early teens. Seeing those first episodes now as an adult is a very enriching experience; To see the actors literally grow into the skins of the FBI agents they portray. The contrast between Dana Scully trying to remain down to earth and Fox Mulder’s  stubborn desire to want to believe in the unexplained, as they encounter various spooky and uncommon cases, from ghosts, the missing link to aliens. Just brilliant.

For those who want to binge-watch The X Files but are also living la vida broka; check out this site. It is my favorite source for binge-watching material.

Well lurking lurkers, time is ticking. Excuse me, while I go and see season 2 of the X Files series now. Have yourself a spiffy day, a stupendous weekend and may God bless you and keep you and give you peace.

Thank you for lurking





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