Thanking my fabulous lurkers

Hello  you wonderful lurkers,

Last week was a pretty lousy week. I was feeling really lousy, livin la vida broka.  Friday I wrote this pathetic excuse for a livin la vida broke blog post. Because writing down how pathetic I am makes me feel better. And then… Something happened.

I was about to call my church and tell them I was not going to be there this Sunday. But before that I felt like checking my email. While logging onto my email account I was muttering to God about how I could really use a break… My prayers aren’t always the “Oh Lord God help me Lord God.” kind. Sometimes I tend to go just ball my hands into a fist, raise ‘m up real high and grit my teeth while muttering “God, You really have to do something today.”

That’s when I saw the emails of my lovely lurking lurkers. OMG you guys…The floodgates of my eyes, I thought they had dried out from the tears I had cried during my lousy week. But there was still enough left to cry some more…! For I wasn’t expecting anyone to care at all, let alone donate anything. Yet my inbox was filled with Paypal donations, donations by you! Words cannot even express how I feel right now. I am so overwhelmed by your kindness and all I can say is thank you guys!

Oh how wonderful it is to know that there are still people out there who care for others! You are the best lurking lurkers ever! God bless you all for helping me out like that.

To top it off, some guy from church called and offered to pick us up and bring us to church for Sunday.   Well  then… God sure did something. Huh? God answers even mutterings. Yup He does.

Seriously though. I just want to thank you guys over and over again for your generosity and for the kind words and the lurking and just… From the bottom of my incoherently rambling heart….



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