Living la vida broka

Hello lurkers,

Life in the land of wooden shoes and windmills is quite crummy at the moment. For me it is anyway. Yeah, I am going to write another depressing “oh boohoo my life sucks” post. Sorry. I can’t afford a shrink and writing it down in this sad excuse for a blog is the next best thing.

downloadThey say money don’t buy happiness but it sure does pay your bills. I was foolish to think that by buying a lottery ticket for Old Years Day would result into anything other than a complete waste of money. I can just slap myself for ever assuming I’d win anything…

Yeah, I’m just living la vida broka. Experiencing that wonderful out-of-money period. It just doesn’t seem to end, it only seems to get worse. Today I went to the grocery store to return some soda bottles to exchange them for the deposit-fee, or whatever they call it. Otherwise I couldn’t even afford to buy food and hay for my bunny.

My goal to lose weight and stop smoking cigarettes will be easily met, though. I simply cannot afford cigarettes any longer and if I have to choose between feeding miss furball bunny and not eat myself, I’ll of course choose feeding the bunny.

giphy1Another great thing of this out of money experience I face right now is that I won’t be going to church for a while either. For the simple reason that I cannot afford the trip to go there. Maybe it’s God trying to say “You know what, stay home for a while”.

Yeah. Life is great…

If only I wasn’t in such bad luck finding a new job. Some friends frown when I tell them this. “It’s not that hard to find a job. You just have to look better.” Wow, thanks for the heads up Einstein!


I’ve been filling in job application forms and sending out job application emails like a spammer. Those darned stuck up snobs at the job agencies are getting tired of looking at my face whenever I enter their office. They hope I leave asap while they’re silently glaring at me and refer me to their so-called up-to-date and modern website for the latest job openings. And God forbid if I dare to tell them I’ve done just that and that I would really like to talk to someone in person. Their catch phrase; “Sorry, we have nothing for you. Bye” is a line that starts to grow on me… Really.

So why not sign up for wellfare? Well… Unless you just came drifting by on a rubber boat, they won’t give you wellfare that easily…

Maybe I should just rob a bank or something. I don’t know. I’m just getting tired of living la vi da broka 😦

I’m going to crawl in my blankets and cry for a while. Bye.

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