Wednesday shorty: Uncool As Me

Hiya lurkers,

Making this short. I was thrilled to discover that The Bloodhound Gang released a new album, available for all since 18th December 2015. They’re known for their crazy songs filled with sexual innuendo since the ’90s. Songs such as Fire Water Burn, The Bad Touch, Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo and many more. 

This new album of theirs is called Hard-Off. It’s oozing with that Bloodhound Gang sound and awkward yet fun songs that I cannot help but bang my head to. There’s this one song of theirs in particular is stuck in my head for days already. It’s called Uncool As Me, which features Joey Fatone [yeah, that Nsync guy]. It’s a fun song though.

Here, give it a spin:

That’ll be all. Thank you for lurking.

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