How I feel right now…


Hello lurkers,

I think the darned flu boomeranged on me. Last night I did an attempt to cook up a special soup. A soup that I make quite often. A nice thick soup with beans, veggies and some meat and some herbs. A soup I’ve been making for as long as I can remember. But when one tries to cook up a meal while the flu is swirling through their being, apparently  the attempt to cook in general can result in making something… Else…

Today I hung out with my good old guitar guy today. Along with my sibling. We jammed a bit, worked on some of our own material. It was fun. My voice was slowly disappearing though with each song we tried to sing. In fact. At this right given moment I have no voice at all.

And so by the time I sounded a little louder than a squeaky mouse, we decided to just have dinner instead. What a fail. The soup. It wasn’t horrendous…  But it wasn’t my best soup either.

I felt really bad and embarrassed about my lousy cooking. But my sibling ate at least 4 bowls of soup. Which could be considered a compliment? Or maybe it was out of politeness? Nah, my sibling would never eat anything lousy out of politeness…

My stomach however isn’t really enjoying the soup too much. I just feel like rolling over the floor. Or better yet, rolling into bed and cover myself in my blankets. Maybe I’ll do just that.

Well lurkers… That’s all I had to share. May your soup be great and tasty and not lousy like mine. God speed.

Thank you for lurking


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