Wednesday Quicky: Kirk Franklin – My World Needs You

Hello lurkers! Here’s a short post from me to you. Some music vitamines that I stumbled upon and would like to share.

43753-losing-my-religionKirk Franklin came out with a new album, released November 13th.  In the late 90’s the gospel singer and gospel choir Gods Property took the world by storm with this funky anthem-like gospel song Stomp. It was one of the best gospel/hiphop tracks in the music charts in 1996. It even got played in clubs back then.

Kirk Franklin has made a few more albums since then and I’ve had the pleasure of seeing him with his band and his choir live in 2009; Partying in the name of the Lord.

Now Kirk is back with a brand new set of tracks. The album is titled “Losing My Religion“. A strange title for a Christian musician, but very relatable to many Christians who’ve echoed the phrase “I love God but I can’t stand His ground control”. I must say this new album is his best work so far. Very down to earth yet uplifting real songs, prayer songs and pure worship with a sense of reality that so many “floaty” religious musicians seem to lack. Props to Kirk Franklin on this one.

My personal favorite of his new album is My World Needs You, featuring Sarah Reeves, Tasha Cobbs and Tamela Mann. A beautiful song that feels like a prayer for the world today. Whether it be the word as a globe or the world in our heads.

Check out Kirk Franklin’s album on Spotify. It’s a blessing to the ears.

And here’s the song I like of that album:

That’ll be all. May the Lord bless you and keep you and give you peace.

Thank you for lurking


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