Home for now

Hello lurkers,

How is life? Here in the land of wooden shoes it is windy, rainy and cold. Typical Dutch autumn weather.

After spending several mornings in and out of the hospital with my grumpy pirate dad, I am now home for the time being. Yesterday I left the northern parts of the land of windmills and clogs. My sibling requested my assistance to attend an appointment at the hospital in the capital city.

I am also back home because I’ve got a small assignment; need to design Christmas flyer for this Indonesian firm. And then Sunday I am needed in church. Things haven’t gone as smooth as usual in my absence during the service, so I was told.

Monday I will have to travel back to the northern parts of the land of windmills once again to check up with my dad’s progress. It’s been said by several people I know personally that the first week of recovery after eye surgery is a tough one. But that the healing process can be quite fast and some even were able to work in the 2nd week after surgery. I hope this is the case for my dad too. That things will be back to normal for him asap.

It feels good to be home. My bunny was a little grumpy when I announced my return. She always gets grumpy when I’m gone too long. I’d like to believe it’s because the cutie bun missed me. I sure missed her.

Tomorrow I am planning to dye my hair again. It is now a strange shade of pink/brown and I’m fed up with it.

I really have nothing interesting to share. Tired. Sleepy. Woozy. Do excuse me. May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Good day!

Thank you for lurking


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