Hanging out with the dad

Hello lurking lurkers!

How’s life treating you today? My day was pretty interesting. We had a nice sunny autumn day, too warm to wear a coat.

Then there is the eye surgery my dad had to face today. He was quite nervous for the procedure. My sibling and I went allong with him to the hospital for moral support. This made him less anxious.

My dad lives all the way in the north of the land of wooden shoes. It takes 2 hours to get there by train. But the hospital where the eye surgery would take place is an hour away from where my sibling and I live. And so we met half way at the train station near the hospital. We first stopped for coffee at a local coffee shop. My dad seemed more than relieved to see us. We tried to encourage him that the operation wouldn’t be too scary and that he wouldn’t have to face it all by himself. It boosted his spirit a little. After we finished our coffee we walked to the hospital. It was such a lovely weather out and the city where the hospital is located is rich with beautiful authentic old Dutch structures. My dad was quite cheerful during the walk.

But the moment we checked him in at the hospital, we were told my dad would have to be prepped by the nurses without us. The operation on his eye took more than 2 hours. I could see the fear in his eyes as the nurse took him by the arm and ushered him towards the prepping area, while still trying to shrug it off as if he wasn’t scared skittles.

While waiting for the 2 hour operation, my sibling and I took another walk through the beautiful city. They have majestic old churches all over town and there are loads of shops and restaurants. If you ever visit the land of wooden shoes,  please consider to not just visit Amsterdam. There are so many old cities and towns here. Great for instagram selfies!

So after 2 hours my sibling and I went back to the hospital to check whether dad was finally ready. His new wife had arrived at the hospital too. We had some small talk as we waited for the nurse to pick us up to inform us about dad’s surgery. It didn’t take long before the nurse came, thankfully.

The male nurse lead us to dad. He looked like a sad pirate with huge bandages covering his eye. The doctor had instructed my dad to sit in the prayer position for the rest of the day, this was essential for the healing process of his eye. My stepmom and my sibling and I could not help but joke about it.

The nurse offered us something to drink as my dad would have to wait for the time and date for his next appointment at the hospital. There was a time when people could stay in the hospital for a few  days to recover after surgery. But since the deep disgraceful budget costs in the Dutch health care,  they simply send you home after surgery only to let you come back the next day! It’s ridiculous really…

After finishing our coffee we went to my stepmom’s car. There we discovered that she was unrightfully charged with a fine. As if the day wasn’t exciting enough with the eye surgery alone! Furious my dad called the police and asked why they had to charge the fine. We were invited over to the police station to solve the matter. The moment we got there and the receptionist saw my dad’s face half covered in bandages, they felt bad and apologized for the fine. Thankfully we don’t have to pay the fine now.

Not much later my dad’s wife drove us to his new house. He was quite nervous for he would spend his first night there. But I offered to stick around and help out however I can.

We had dinner together and watched a soccer match afterwards.  Then my sibling had to leave because the bunnies cannot go a day without either of us. Droppie bunny appears to have dental issues again and actually needs to be force-fed. But my dad’s wife is too busy to give full care to my dad now during his recovery after surgery.  Until I can go back home, my sibling offered to take care of my rabbit too. That’s why my sibling had to leave after dinner and the soccer match.

I was relieved to know my sibling would be checking up on Droppie on the way home. But then ny sibling sent me quite some disturbing pictures of how she force-fed my cute bunny… I can’t wait to get home and do the force-feeding myself. Poor baby bunny :/

My dad and I don’t see or speak each other often. Since the divorce and since things I’ll leave unspoken for now,  our bond has always been a bit awkward. The last time I slept under the same roof with him was maybe 4 years ago. And sure we see each other with birthdays and stuff. And it’s not all that bad.

Just a half hour ago my dad and I wished each other good night. And as I laid there saying my prayers in the spare bedroom of my dad’s new house, I just couldn’t help but have this strong feeling to pray with him. The doctor did tell him to spend his day in prayer position.

So I took all my courage and went down to his room. He was still awake because he had trouble sleeping. We had some small talk. And then I asked him if he would like to pray with me. He smiled and together we said our prayers. It felt nice to pray with my dad. Something we had never done before.

It’s just weird how something drastic always needs to happen for us to actually hang out, aside from the birthday visits.  Now I might have to spend a few days with him because of the eye surgery. But I believe God has a purpose for everything. Regardless of how weird we might think the situation can be. God is up to something,  I can feel it.

That’ll be all for now. I should catch some shut eye because my alarm is set to wake us up in 6 hours from now.

May the Lord bless you and keep you, wherever you are.

Thank you for lurking

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