BAT BLOOD – A Batman V Superman AND Bad Blood PARODY ft. Batman

Hiya lurkers,

How was your Monday? Mine was fine. Time sure flies by way too fast, doesn’t it? The nights are getting longer and colder. Just a few weeks and it’s Christmas. And there’s just so much to do. *sigh* Just survived a hectic week only to tumble into another hectic week. Church stuff, family stuff, all sorts of stuff and all that whatnot bla bla. Yeah, just busy busy. So excuse me while I’ll just make a quick little post right here and then be on my way.

So, today wasn’t too bad. Thankfully I had a few hours to myself on this dreadful Monday morning and afternoon. I had breakfast with miss cutie-patootie Droppie Bunny Rabbit. And, we watched anything by the HISHE Channel on Youtube. Hilarious stuff right there, loads of parodies about your favorite movies, super heroes and super vilains.

I just love their Batman parody, it is so accurate! Batman is one of my favorite super heroes. Watched the cartoons as a child and it stuck with me ever since. Totally annoyed by Christian Bale’s voice acting the past few Batman movies and am actually crossing fingers for Ben Afleck to do a better job. [Which shouldn’t be hard. Christian Bale is a decent actore, but holy Shinoda what kind of crap bat skittles was that? But enough ranting about the obvious clichés many Batman fans alike dislike about Christian Bale’s version of the man with the black robe. This was supposed to be quicky darnit!

The guys down at HISHE made this funky super parody of the Batman VS Superman movie and that annoying Taylor Swift [sorry to the fandom, just not into it] song Bad Blood. The Batman version actually sounds better in my ears! It is totaly awesome. Go check it out below.

Have yourself a swell day and may God’s face smile upon you.

Thank you for lurking

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