Hanging out with the dad 2

Hi lurking lurkers,  how is life? Today was interesting. The weather was predictably Dutch. Rain in the early morning followed by some sun. We also had strong winds and a bit of storm with more rain later on. Yup. Typically Dutch.

Excuse me while I write off my frustrated thoughts in this entry. I’m in need of venting. Today I’ve survived another day with my dad. I mentioned in yesterday’s entry how my dad had to go to the hospital for an eye surgery. This morning we had to wake up early for yet another visit at the hospital for a check up. My sibling was so kind to go to my place yesterday to torture Droppie Bunny for me and this morning we would meet at the hospital again. My sibling came by train and arrived at the hospital early.  Dad’s wife drove us with the car and we ended up 10 minutes late.  But thankfully the doctor didn’t leave us waiting for too long.

Today the bandages that covered the operated eye were removed. I had offered him a pair of sunglasses but they weren’t his style and he refused to wear them at first. But the moment his operated eye was exposed to the bright hospital lights, he started to realize that sunglasses would be a necessity for the time being.

The doctor instructed him to keep on doing the prayer position for the following week until the next appointment. He also said my dad will have to use these medical eye drops for the following weeks. The first week he will have to use those drops 4x a day. He should be able to do the drops by himself but my dad claims he cannot. And so I will have to stay here for the next few days to help him out.

Dad was his charming grumpy self and was snappy all day. If it were anyone else I could say it was maybe due to the discomfort he experienced with his operated eye. But my dad is usually a grumpy snappy guy. Sometimes a tad cheerful but more usually he’s just grumpy.

My dad’s wife drove us back to dad’s house. She had other activities planned that day, something with a party and her family and her being requested to help out. So not much after she brought us to dad’s house,  she hax to leave. My was quite unfriendly to her. It kind of gave me flash backs of my dad’s previous marriage with my mom. Very unpleasant… My sibling and I just stood there looking at each other. Almost as if to say without words “WTF some things never change”. My dad’s new wife is ok. We’re not that close but she means well. I told my dad to not be so mean to her. That he should be grateful for having someone who cares. It did shush him but it just felt so awkward to me.

After my dad’s wife left,  we sat and watched TV for the most part. The few verbal exchanges we had were mostly coated with grumpy charm from dad’s part. My sibling eventually decided to not stick around for too long either. My sibling offered to help dad with the medical eye drops and then head over to my place to check up on Droppie Bunny again…

The rest of the day went by slow and awkward. I felt like I was walking eggshells throughout the rest of the day, trying to avoid my dad from snapping. I’ve helped him with the medical eye drops and then just sat quietly most of the day.

Then a little before dinner I asked my dad if he wanted something to eat. He said there were potatoes, green beans and some pork chops in the kitchen and he was fine with the idea that I’d make dinner. Dad has an open kitchen though. And the moment I put the first pan on the fire he just kept on complaining about not being used to having an open kitchen and kept hovering around me to see if I wouldn’t set things on fire. It was quite insulting really, as if I didn’t know how to cook or something. And the hovering and the continuing complaints made me neurotic and almost burn the meat.

When the food was ready he didn’t want to eat. He has no microwave and so I had to keep the food in bowls above boiling water to prevent the food from getting too cold. By the time we ate,  the meat wasn’t as juicy anymore. I felt really bad about it.

I miss Droppie. I am worried about her. And I miss my mom. I miss my house. I will have to miss church this Sunday because dad lives too far away from my church.  I have had hysterical church aunties texting me that Sunday Service won’t be the same without me…

Part of me just wants to leave the old grumpy man. But I guess he’s my dad and he’s just frustrated about his eye hurting like frack and he is in need of help. His wife is too busy with family stuff and there’s no one else who could or would help. I can’t leave the grumpy old guy now. And maybe he’ll be better tomorrow in his attitude. I hope so anyways.

Please let my dad recover quickly! I so want to go back to my own house and snuggle with Droppie Bunny, have late tea chats with my mom and tell the church aunties that I’ll be there next Sunday.

Lord have mercy… I better try to sleep cause tomorrow the grumpy circus will start again.

God bless you and keep you.

Thanks for lurking.

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3 thoughts on “Hanging out with the dad 2

  1. Got made two comments before, one got lost but I told in short words that we are in god and we´re in him and cause of that save and good and strong, to you my sister biggest hugs, feel the bigger becomming wish to see you for real, personally, your sincerliest lurker Patrizia

    1. Hi dear friend! Thank you for these words that lift up my spirit so. With God all things are possible and if His will is so He will surely make our paths cross. It would be nice indeed!

      God bless you

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