Keeping things separated

Hello lurking lurkers. How are you? I am fine. It is midnight here in the land of wooden shoes and I’ve just survived yet another dreadful day at the callcenter. Just one more day to go and it’s finally weekend.

At the office I had a discussion with a few co-workers of mine about social media and how everyone has their picture and real names and other personal details on display. One guy said he decided to delete his Facebook page, because he didn’t like having all his dirty digital laundry on display for all to see. Another coworker said he got fired from his last job, because he had been nagging about his boss on twitter and his boss saw the tweet.

Luckily, this blog is written under a name that isn’t included on my passport. Thankfully, I write everything in here in English and my current boss’ grasp of basic English is as good as my basic Chinese.

Some of my coworkers are my age or even older and we remembered the time when it was perfectly normal for people on the internet to come up with a screen name and to not share literally everything. It was nice to be able to have this supposed animosity on the net, You could write about your entire life and nobody would know it was you writing those things. There are still online communities where you can somewhat keep your private life and your online life separate, but it’s different than back in the day. Or maybe it just feels different now.

In today’s online society, if you don’t show your selfies with your name and what-not, people find you creepy or weird. Because why would someone hide behind a picture of a troll? Well…? You want to know why? Because it feels nice. That’s why. Because I can talk trash about my boss without the fear of getting fired. I can write about personal stuff without fearing that people who know me personally might know I am writing about it. Because I like to write things down but I don’t necessarily want the whole world to know my name or my face. That’s why.

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