My Sound Abuse

Hiya lurking lurkers,

Every now and then I come in here and write about singing in a small Indonesian church band every Sunday. We come together every Friday to practice. Sometimes a few of the bandmates and I like hanging out together and jam at my new house.

We rarely record the jam sessions or practice sessions. But the once that somehow do end up recorded are now enlisted in a playlist on my soundcloud account. The cracky vocals you hear are mine and the guitar is by Jeff. He’s got that typical Indonesian guitar player style 🙂  Unfortunately due to circumstances I’ll leave unmentioned, he is no longer part of the church band. I miss jamming with him in church. But thankfully I can jam with him at home 🙂

It took me a while to consider whether I wanted to share it with anyone. But then I figured, I sing these songs infront of sometimes 100 to 200 people, why not put it online as well? So now you can listen to it right here on my blog as well. 

That’ll be all. I have to prep myself for band practice now.

Have a blissful day and may the Lord bless you and keep you save throughout whatever it is you are doing.

Thank you for lurking

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