Generous Bloggers

IMG_20150822_225226Hiya lurking lurkers!

Crap. I was writing this long note of gratitude towards my lurking audience, the new followers and how everyone should check out these blogs I’ve checked out recently myself.  But then Droppie Bunny Rabbit jumped on my keyboard and I lost the post.

So here’s another go.

So Mostly Blogging is a site I stumbled upon after checking out Michael’s Origins article on his encounter with the Windows 10 upgrade. He also happens to be part of this follow-to-follow directory.  It’s basically a link-exchange directory. Any blogger can promote their own blog there, all that is asked in return is when someone follows your blog that you will follow them back.

I always follow back, by the way. I may not always interact with the bloggers I follow but I will always, always follow back. It’s like when someone says hello and smiles at you, it is polite to smile and say hello back. That little gesture of friendliness can mean the world to someone. This includes following a blogger as a thank you for following your blog.

For all bloggers out there who could use a helping hand with their blog, Mostly Blogging and the Follow-to-Follow movement could be the thing for you. Mostly Blogging is a site that offers all sorts of handy tips and advice for any blogger. Whether you’re new to blogging or have an online and kicking blog for quite a while, we can all use a bit of help at times. It is worth to take a look at both these websites.

Thank you all for lurking me 🙂 And also thank you to the generous bloggers of Mostly blogging and Michael’s Origin and many others who help out their fellow blogger to get noticed in this gigantic soup of blogs.

It is an honor to think anyone finds my random whatevers worth a read, let alone worth a follow.

Thank you for lurking

5 thoughts on “Generous Bloggers

  1. Thank you so much for the link, and promotion, and the thoroughly kind words you wrote about my blog. All I can say is Thank You! I am touched and surprised.

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